Good morning! Enjoying your Saturday? Well not anymore because we have Sixers drama! Just one normal offseason. I’m begging you guys. Look at our last 10:

When is enough enough? That doesn’t even count 2012 and the whole Andrew Bynum nonsense, which feels like child’s play after being kicked in the nuts for 10 straight years.

Here is the latest investigation the Sixers are involved in with James Harden according to Woj at

The NBA has launched an inquiry into the circumstances surrounding Philadelphia 76ers star James Harden‘s public admonishment of the franchise’s president of basketball operations, Daryl Morey, sources told ESPN.

The league office is believed to be pursuing an understanding of whether Harden was portending a 2023-24 holdout in violation of the league’s collective bargaining agreement or had been referencing past contract discussions with the organization that might constitute salary cap circumvention, sources said.

Nevertheless, Harden has privately indicated that his public comments calling Morey a “liar” on Monday morning had only been a response to Morey ending trade discussions with an expectation that Harden would start the season with the Sixers, sources said.

All you have to read is that last paragraph where it states Harden’s publicly stated his comments about Morey being a “liar” were in response to Daryl ending trade discussions. You don’t need to go to law school to understand that isn’t breaking any league rules. Daryl said he’d try to find a trade partner, the Clippers balked at the price, and so Daryl cut ties. Negotiating 101. Art of the Deal type shit. Principle #8 Fight if you think you’re right. Morey just went through this same stuff with Ben Simmons. He doesn’t typically lose deals and won’t back down until he gets what he deems fair.

This never-ending witch hunt by the NBA to punish the Sixers is dumb. You’re now going to comb through emails and take people’s phones again like you did last year. Don’t you think NBA investigators would’ve found something if there was actually a handshake deal between Harden and Morey?

Adam Silver went from the best commissioner to a complete jackass in the span of like two years. Say what you want about that door knob Roger Goodell, but he doesn’t put his Kenesaw Mountain Landis pants on and overstep. He just brushes things under the rug like a real commissioner does. He knows he works for the owners. If the Sixers somehow get penalized for ending trade discussions I’m done with the NBA. It’s bad enough these guys can get out of their deals a year into them and hold teams hostage. It’s another to penalize a team and basically force them to trade a player when the deals you’re getting in return absolutely blow. In that case trade his ass to the Guangdong Tigers so he can go sell more bottles of shitty wine.

Hey James: