The Phillies will be the first MLB team to offer facial recognition technology for stadium entry, starting Monday at the first base gate.

Here’s an explainer from Action News:

I understand I give away all my data every time I don’t read the “Terms of Agreement,” while my location is tracked by tech companies, and Apple has a perfect profile of my face because I use it to unlock my iPhone. But can we cool it on the robot dystopia for a little? Facial recognition that is so good it doesn’t even need me to stop walking to tell it’s me. No thanks, T-1000. Something about sacrificing basic human rights for convenience irks me. I thought the lines down at the ballpark were humming with the new security technology they introduced this season. Save this shit for finding terrorists at the airport, not baseball games. The good news is it is voluntary and you can opt out whenever you want. Might I suggest that if you plan on running on the field.

The Phillies do say your picture will be deleted immediately after you enter:

In accordance with MLB’s Privacy Policy, Go-Ahead Entry cameras will scan your face to create a unique numerical token associated with you. The facial scans will be deleted immediately thereafter. Only the unique numerical token will be retained and associated with your MLB account.

That’s rich. I’m supposed to believe Big Face? Someone has my giant nose in some database out in the Bay Area waiting to clone me and rob banks up and down the United States of America.

It starts with tickets to the ball game. It ends up with us on SkyNet: