Editor’s note: we’re going to make intern Grace the Taylor Swift correspondent until further notice

So unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve likely seen or heard that Taylor Swift attended the Chiefs/Bears game at Arrowhead Stadium on Sunday. You’ve also likely seen or heard that Taylor Swift attended that game at the request of Travis Kelce.

But the real winner in this whole situation is Donna Kelce, who once again comes out on top.

It’s remarkable, really. She keeps finding ways to win. First, both Travis and Jason Kelce grow up to become standup guys, Super Bowl winners, and future Pro Football Hall of Famers. Next, her sons start the New Heights podcast, said podcast gains considerable traction, and she becomes the breakout star of the show. Then her sons end up playing against each other in a storybook championship and she becomes the media darling of Super Bowl week. (I can personally confirm this one. I was on Radio Row and I watched her make about fifteen appearances on different shows within a few hours. It was very impressive.) And recently, a full-blown documentary was made about Jason, which featured a heavy co-starring role for her as well.

Now Donna Kelce can say she watched a football game with Taylor Swift. 12-time Grammy award winner Swift. Taylor “The Music Industry” Swift. Donna got to watch the football game with her like it was any other Sunday.

Cameras caught the pair cheering on Travis, giggling together, and celebrating when the Chiefs scored a touchdown (of which there were MANY in a 41-10 win). 

And Taylor wasn’t just there to politely cheer and clap. Oh no. The singer experienced the game like a true just-outside-of-Philly football fan, screaming expletives and all. (Except she was cheering on the wrong team, but I digress. Maybe she’s playing the long game.)

Travis is a huge departure from Taylor’s usual type (British, super skinny, won’t let Taylor be bejeweled), but as a longtime Swiftie I think it’s a more-than-welcome change of pace. I’ll admit I’m a little nervous about losing a high-profile Eagles fan to the Chiefs, but hey, if Taylor Swift dating Travis Kelce means Donna Kelce stays in the spotlight, I’m all for it.