Jason Kelce was on an episode of Freakonomics Radio where different players and team employees discussed the NFLPA report card that was sent around last year. His part starts at 47:52 and offers some insight into the inner workings of the Birds:

The Eagles ranked 14th in the NFL and their final grades came out like this:


Kelce talked about the travel which he admittedly ranked higher than the overall grade at a C:

Freakonomics: I asked him if those grades reflected his own views.

Kelce: I thought it was spot on. I’d be curious to see what the standard deviation on each one of these was. Because when I saw the results I thought it was to the tee…

Freakonomics: The D grade the Eagles got for team travel. Would you agree with that assessment? 

Kelce: That might’ve been lower than I ranked it. But I did not rank it high. If I was any higher it was a C. 

F: You’re one of only seven teams that don’t offer first class seats to their players. 

Kelce goes on to say he didn’t know about the first class seats before the survey and mentioned Chip Kelly let the bigger guys sit in first class when he was coach.

I can’t believe the players do not get to sit in first class. I understand a lot of these guys might have an entire row to themselves, but can you imagine Jordan Mailata having to squeeze his fat ass in the cheap seats and his head probably hitting the top of the plane. Don’t get me wrong Jeffrey Lurie owns the team he deserves to fly first class if he’s footing the bill. Some of the coaches do to. But at the end of the day it’s the 53 guys on that field executing and putting their bodies through hell. What the fuck does Julian Lurie need to be flying in first class for? Because he just so happened to be born on third base? Back of the plane kid.

Kelce also tells a story about the time they were flying back on the plane after a game and they wouldn’t turn on the TV’s:

Kelce: I will say there was one point we were coming back on a short flight and they didn’t turn the TV’s on, on the back of the seats. And I remember just flipping up, “We’re a billion dollar organization and we can’t even get free movies on these flights. Like what’s going on here guys.”

Freakonomics:  Who did you say that too? 

K: I said it to one of the stewardesses and then one of the guys that runs everything for logistics with the team kind of came back and was like, “Alright we’re going to turn the TV’s on, Jason” (laughs)

What a leader.

He goes on to shit on the Cardinals weight room, which they used before the Super Bowl last year, and the Jaguars stadium apparently having rats.

Good news is the report card has already affected change in the Eagles organization. A bigger cold pool in the training room was installed. They used to have two above ground pools outside in the back of the complex that they would have to shut down in the winter. I don’t know who the big brain in the organization thought it was smart to put a pool out back that you could only use for four months out of the year, but hopefully their fingerprints are nowhere near the team decisions any longer. He also said they’re addressing family issues at games and they’re building a new tier of the weight room.

The moral of the report card is bullying works.