Saw this on Twitter, excuse me, X, on Tuesday:

It would be understandable if Mike joined up in some capacity. He is close with Anthony Gargano, who was key in putting together the ALLCITY staff, and before his Fanatic departure he pitched Beasley on a Missanelli/Cuz afternoon show that would have run from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Said Mike on his podcast earlier this year:

“A couple of years ago it became evident that WIP was just a monster. I proposed to them that you (Gargano) and I do a five-hour show. And I proposed that Tyrone, who was my producer, do the midday show. You and I would do five hours from one o’clock to six o’clock… I went to them and said ‘listen, if you really want to make a dent and save this station, here’s the best strategy to do it.’ And I could not believe they weren’t receptive to it…. I was willing to sacrifice whatever I was doing in the afternoon to make a really good show, to make the station (as) viable as possible. And I thought us doing it from 1 to 6 would have done that. They were so not insightful that they didn’t even blink at it.”

We’ll see. Mike is doing his BetRivers-sponsored podcast and the JAKIB postgame Eagles show. Gargano was listed on the ALLCITY lineup graphic that went public Tuesday morning, but that’s now tangled up in legal. He’s been taken off the air at 97.5 and my personal belief is that he’s hosted his last show for the station. The question is 1) how much recourse Beasley has here, and 2) to what extent they’ll pursue legal action. Do you spend money on litigation and hold Cuz to non-compete and non-solicitation contract language? Or do you say, “ah fuck it, this isn’t worth the time or effort,” and let him walk? It’s an interesting situation.

EDIT – I’m an idiot and cropped the picture. It was supposed to include the ALLCITY reply (thanks to Nick on Facebook for this) –