Tuesday morning, the ALLCITY network announced their Philadelphia expansion with a graphic revealing that Anthony Gargano would be part of their staff:

The short version is that Gargano was involved in building ALLCITY’s Philadelphia staff, but recently has had to navigate issues with his 97.5 the Fanatic contract. Lawyers for Beasley and ALLCITY are trying to figure out a resolution, and in the meantime, Gargano did not appear on his Tuesday show, which was covered instead by co-host Andrew Salciunas going to the main chair and Connor Thomas filling in:

If you go about one minute into this teaser clip, you’ll note that it says “coming soon” before revealing Gargano’s name:

So what now? We may have seen the last of Anthony Gargano on 97.5 the Fanatic. Surely, Beasley will not allow Gargano on the air after his name appeared in that ALLCITY video, during a timeline in which we were told there had yet to be a legal resolution. If Gargano decides to leave, so be it, but Beasley could then come around and try to enforce whatever is in his contract, be it a non-compete clause or non-solicitation clause.

For consideration, ALLCITY CEO Brandon Spano said this in a Rob Tornoe article at the Inquirer:

“At the moment, we are trying to determine exactly what that involvement looks like as we navigate his contractual situation with the Beasley Media Group,” Spano told The Inquirer. “What we can promise is that Anthony will be involved in many aspects of the network and at some point, fans will be able to watch him and listen to him on PHLY.”

“At some point” is the key word there. Cuz might have to sit on the sidelines for a bit, but that’s in the lawyer’s hands now.