Bucks County native Pink is in Philadelphia this week and she had this to say:

“We are one of a kind, you guys. We are one of a kind. I was even a little bit proud, a little bit, when I heard they had to grease the light poles… (crowd noise). No one else is gonna do that except us. I love you guys. We’re such assholes. Sorry kids. But it’s true.”

That’s a very succinct and accurate way to put it. “We’re such assholes.”

Pink is pretty cool, yeah? She’s on her 9th album now and they all go platinum. She’s definitely had a bunch of bangers. I mean shit, I’m looking at YouTube casually right now and we’re talking hundreds of millions of plays on these videos.

Also, since Pink is a Doylestown native, she needs to go to the next school board meeting and figure out what the hell is going on up there. We’ve got Democrats and Republicans fighting it out, people picking up chairs like it’s the ECW Arena. It’s outrageous.


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