I nearly spit out my Coca Cola Classic after hearing this on the ESPN broadcast Tuesday night:

We did a half-assed investigation into who came up with the Trea Turner standing ovation idea. It was hard to get a definitive answer because there were social media posts and random tweets from months ago where people were generically saying something along the lines of “we should support Trea” or “we should cheer for him.” It was a burgeoning summer thought and one that was widely shared. Anthony Gargano talked about it on the radio. We don’t necessarily need to relitigate the whole damn thing, but I don’t think it’s incorrect to say that a groundswell of positivity came together at the same time and then various people with large platforms, like Jack, Philly Captain, etc, amplified the thought and shared it with the masses, who executed the ovation in early August.


Anyway, how large is Jack’s head now? This large? –

I kid, but Fritz is on a meteoric rise here. He was producing Giglio’s evening show, then got moved up to PM drive. He’s on the mic. He gets his own segments. Then he gets an expanded role hosting from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. while also doing the Phillies pregame and postgame coverage. Now he’s getting shout outs on national television during Phillies playoff games. It’s crazy. We haven’t seen something get this much of a push in Philadelphia since the first mask mandate.