These 49ers radio guys from the Morning Roast just can’t stop taking L after L after L over and over and over again like clockwork. You’d think they’d stop mentioning Philly, but they can’t! They’re literally obsessed with Eagles fans ever since we curb-stomped their team in the NFC Championship game and a couple fans might’ve been mean to them.

They had Howard Eskin on and he called out Crossing Broad like the sad sack of traitor trash he is. They refused to talk about the multiple 49ers fights DURING THE PRESEASON so I had to call up and remind them. There have been BARBARIC fights already during the season. And today they had Terrell Owens on for an interview and tee’d up a question for him to knock out of the park and it totally didn’t go as planned:

They’re literally doing T.O. a solid by plugging his wine FOR FREE and it still backfired. Look at Joe Shasky’s face after he said Philly:

L after L after L after L! They’re a giant walking Floyd Mayweather gif:

I’m almost starting to feel bad how much I can’t stop winning. These two are on a historic run for the ages and I am loving every second of it!

Even when they almost have a chance to gloat in our faces like last night during the Phillies game the universe interjects and says not today my friends:

If that was a 49ers game someone would’ve been stabbed at an IN-N-OUT afterwards. You know how I know that? Because it already happened this year: