Fred Warner, on his cute little YouTube show with his wife, mentioned that he wishes his teammates never talked trash after the Eagles loss last season:

You could tell Warner was dancing around the idea of providing more bulletin board material.

But he did say this:

Warner: “People are obviously going to jump to what happened last year in the NFC Championship game. I’m kind of over that whole thing. I know some of our players, throughout the offseason, were saying stuff about it. I honestly wish we hadn’t. You can sit there and make the excuse about the whole Brock situation, blah blah blah. At the end of the day, they beat us. They earned that.”

Finally, someone with some sense on the 49ers. You lost. You get nothing. Good day sir! I couldn’t imagine bitching after a loss because Kyle Shanahan let the backup TE block one of the best pash rushers in the game. I mean I’d be embarrassed if I made as many excuses as the 49ers and their fans have. Injuries are a part of the game. I didn’t see people crying for Eagles fans when Carson Wentz shredded his knee during the magical season. There were no rule changes set out by the NFL then. But not all teams are able to channel that next man up attitude. Nick Foles came in and we won a Super Bowl.

Later in the show, around the 23 minute mark Warner’s wife echoed the same excuse that every single 49ers fan has for the last 10 months:

Warner’s Wife: Right but I also feel like they did win the game, but I don’t know if they beat you guys. From my perspective. They literally made a new NFL rule based off that game for backup quarterbacks. There was no way we could come back. We lost both of our quarterbacks. 

FW: It was very poor conditions.

WW: Horrible. 

WW: If you win or lose this time maybe I’ll be able to swallow it better. 

FW: You know what – a lot of crazy things happen in this league. You gotta prepare for anything and everything.

You might remember Warner’s wife went viral for bashing Eagles fans on TikTok after last year’s game.

I think my favorite part is her at the beginning saying she’s not going back to the Linc because she’s pregnant. Nice excuse. We have you caught in 4k. You already said you were never going back. You can’t triple stamp a double stamp. What a ‘you can’t fire me, I quit!’ situation right there.