We did a post the other day noting that 6 ABC’s Jamie Apody hasn’t appeared on television in more than two weeks. She isn’t responding to messages and Action News is saying absolutely nothing.

However, a clue.

There’s an automated message currently being sent from her work email, which says this:

“I am currently taking a leave of absence from my 6abc sports casting duties and will not be responding to emails related to my work at 6abc.

If you need to contact me about a non-work-related matter please email; <personal email>.

For Action News Sports related matters please contact Mark Meany at [email protected]

Thank you,


I’m not sure when this auto-reply was set up. Could have been Tuesday, could have been two weeks ago. It’s connected to her work email, which isn’t listed publicly. But the language notes that this is a “leave of absence” and confirms that she’s not talking about it. That opens the door to a lot of different possibilities.

We’ve heard a half-dozen different stories, nothing that be confirmed yet, but stuff that’s worth looking into. Like we mentioned earlier this week, her bio remains posted on the Action News website and WPVI is mentioned in all of her social media profiles except for Instagram, which is still full of Action News references.

If you’re one of those people who doesn’t give a flying shit about this, I understand, but you have to admit that it’s totally bizarre. It’s the Jeff Skversky thing all over again. In both cases you have on-air talent that’s been with the station for 10+ years, right? One day they just disappear without a trace. No explanation, no nothing. It’s super weird, and look, Jamie has a lot of fans, which is evident from the responses you see on Facebook and Twitter. There are a lot of viewers out there who just want to know what the hell’s going on.