Seth Joyner has had enough of the national media disrespecting the Eagles!

Seth – “I don’t care what people have to say about how the Eagles won the game. They won the football game, okay!? And I know for a fact because I played this game for 13 years, you only win because you earn what you get! Nobody in this league gives you anything! And I’m sick and tired of everybody always saying that the Eagles won because of this, because of that – no, they won because they were better than the damn Bills…  “I’m sick and tired of a 10-1 team, a 9-1 team, not getting the proper respect they’re due. All because you want to make it about everybody else, okay? The Eagles are where they are, they’re 10-1 because they’re the best damn team in pro football, period!”

Now listen, this is a great message in a vacuum. Put some respect on the Eagles’ name!

But it’s also a total laugher because Seth was on the same show three weeks, after the Eagles beat the Cowboys to improve to 8-1, saying this:

“For the majority of the game they were the better football team, and then they looked like the luckiest team at the end. It makes no sense to end the game in that manner. I don’t get it. I don’t understand it. Listen, I’m not gonna sit here and beat them up, because guess what? They’re 8-1 and going into a bye and they get everyone healthy. I don’t want to hear it all over social media, “oh, but they won!” Yeah, listen – Dallas is not one of those better football teams in this league that you’re going to have to worry about. If they play this way when they go to Dallas, they’re not going to win in Dallas…  The way that they’ve played football all season long, I just don’t like it. And it’s hard to say you don’t like something about a team when they’re 8-1. It’s absolute insanity.”

lol ok

So listen, just so we’re all on the same page here and following this correctly, Seth came out three weeks ago, after the Eagles beat their biggest rival in a close game, and said he didn’t like the way they’ve played football all year long. Now they’re 10-1 after wins against KC and Buffalo that were exactly the same – gritty, sloppy, nerve-wracking, and imperfect – and he’s yelling about the Eagles not getting “the proper respect.” Hey news flash – you were leading the disrespect! You were the disrespect kingpin! Nobody was more negative about the 8-1 Eagles than you were. But now that they’re 10-1, all of a sudden it doesn’t matter how they win?

Make it make sense. Serenity now!

And look, I’m happy that Seth has finally come around. He’s seen the light. He’s now saying the same thing that Kyle and myself were saying after Week 1, and for the entirety of last season. But you don’t blather Negadelphia across your various platforms, do a complete 180, and then get a free pass. Atonement is your ticket to the pragmatic side of the Eagles train. Seth must say one million Our Fathers and one million Hail Marys, then we’re good. Welcome aboard. Choo choo.

(Some alternate headlines that didn’t make the final cut for this story) – 

“After Disrespecting the Eagles All Year, Seth Joyner Now Says Eagles Aren’t Getting Enough Respect”

“Pigs Fly over a Frozen Hell as Seth Joyner Goes Positive on the Eagles”

“Seth Joyner Flip Flopping Like John Kerry in the 2004 Election”

“What the Hell is Seth Joyner Even Talking About?”

“Seth Joyner Now Just Saying Shit to Say Shit”