You might remember last week when Jason Kelce said on WIP that Jordan Phillips’ Brotherly Shove bulldozing of Cam Jurgens was dirty. The Bills were on a bye so Phillips had his first chance to respond Wednesday:

First note: I love Phillips calling Kelce’s podcast “His brother’s podcast.” He definitely worked on that zinger all week. Rehearsed it in the mirror and everything that morning. It was delivered too flawlessly to not be.

Second, what Jordan Phillips did is different then what Kelce does during the Brotherly Shove. One of the reasons why the Shove is so successful is because how low Kelce can get. What Phillips did to Cam Jurgens was dirty. Phillips says, “How do I know that the ball wasn’t going after I saw him move?” Well where did Jurgens move here?

Now, I wouldn’t be surprised if defensive coordinators teach this stuff. Why wouldn’t they? Give up five yards to potentially make the Birds O-Line have some doubt creep in their mind a little. A small price to try and flip the script. But Phillips kinda feels like a piece of shit and we have video evidence to back that claim up:

And it wasn’t just on the field:

This seems exactly like the guy who lies about “death threats” from fans to cover his ass. If it looks like a duck and it quacks like a duck it’s probably a dirty scumbag on the field. I mean we’re talking about a guy who tried to fight the franchise QB in training camp:

He’s been doing this since high school: