A Phillies fan may have found the new City Connect jerseys on eBay:


Mo noted that he thinks these are real because:

“1. This jersey is in the new Nike “limited” template for baseball in 2024 2. MLB and Nike logos are correct which counterfeit jerseys usually get wrong 3. The packaging and price tags all look correct”

The reaction online is that nobody likes these:

I guess I’m in the minority, because I don’t hate them. They look like a beer league softball jersey and I have great memories of beer league softball. When I first heard the jerseys were going to be inspired by the colors of the Philadelphia flag (blue and yellow) I was expecting more Kevin Curtis three touchdowns against the Lions uniforms and not electric and navy blue. I can live with these. The hat might stink if they use the same “P” that’s on the uniform, but I’m excited to see the pants. And honestly the Phils will wear them a couple times a year and we’ll all move on back to the powder blues and the cream and all will be right in the world, right? I mean the Nationals are already retiring their City Connects and they’re universally liked. I’ll tell you what though if Bryce Harper tanks a walk off home run in these people will love them forever.

I have a theory that Nike leaks these jerseys on purpose. Every jersey “leaks” before it’s supposed to so that Nike can see what the reaction is. So then by the time the Phillies and Nike release these, the criticism isn’t half of what it was when people originally saw it. Why else would some random person on eBay have the Phillies City Connect jersey? Alert the media and then you control the story: