After a sloppy and dramatic Eagles week that saw all kinds of rumors tossed around, A.J. Brown called 94 WIP on Friday afternoon. The segment ran about 20 minutes and he basically just threw it to Jack Fritz and Ike Reese to ask him a handful of questions, before flipping it around and asking the pair why the media is making up stuff for everybody to “run with.” Eagles Nation threaded out a bunch of Brown’s quotes, so it’s probably easiest to start there:

Brown called any thought of having a problem with Jalen Hurts “total BS.” He also confirmed that he now is in RE-POSSESSION of his Twitter account, and said it was hacked recently, so the guy who tweeted about Philly media being lame was NOT him.

I honestly thought the whole thing was really awkward, because I got the sense that A.J. was 1) criticizing WIP as a whole and 2) unhappy with Spike Eskin going off on him Thursday. But Spike wasn’t on today’s show, and Ike Reese did most of the talking, so he ended up being the de facto station representative, essentially taking the bullets and having to speak on behalf of other, more incendiary hosts. Reese tried multiple times to essentially say “man I didn’t start this shit, I’m just reacting to it,” and eventually Brown let that go and explained more about the season and why it fell apart.

I can’t claim to have listened to hours and hours of WIP in the last 3-4 weeks, but Ike is probably the lowest on the WIP responsibility scale when it comes to stirring shit up. The afternoon show did do a “would you trade A.J. Brown for Patrick Surtain poll” recently, but there’s a distinction to be drawn between typical sports radio hypothetical nonsense and the creation and mongering of rumors. Sometimes I think we conflate the generation of conversation with the spreading of misinformation.

It’s also worth pointing out that A.J. Brown finally spoke and clarified some things, so we obtained information that we did not have earlier in the week. The process in which we got from point A to point B was gross, but at the end of the day, you look at those quotes and have a better understanding of what’s going on with A.J. and the locker room, correct? Sometimes the sloppy rumor spreading coalesces into something solid like this, and while everything in between is somewhat pitiful, we find ourselves in a position of understanding, even if getting there was ass backwards.

Here’s the full audio: