A.J. Brown posted this on Thursday morning:

Or did he?

This is Brown’s Twitter handle, @1kalwaysopen_, but he deactivated his account back on January 12th. Since then, the account has only tweeted four times, and one of those tweets says that “this is a fake AJ Brown page.. I’m just a fan” –

So it would appear that Brown is not running his account, but some fan got in there took over instead. Maybe he was hacked, maybe not. The fan is holding the page hostage for a signed jersey, and nobody has any idea of whether A.J. reclaimed administration of the account over the past 11 days, or if the fan remains in control and continues to tweet to 260,000 followers.

Dunno. Maybe it’s A.J., maybe it’s not. Maybe this is the most elaborate troll job in the history of trolling. Maybe it’s the world’s dumbest ruse. You can never rule anything out, because Philadelphia sports is sloppy and dramatic. Good morning.

EDIT – it’s not him, confirmed by… A.J. on his IG story: