We live! We hot! Andy from Deptford, who might be the worst WIP caller in 2024, was on the afternoon show Thursday and for some reason decided to tee off on Spike Eskin:

Cringe, but I laughed.

There’s a lot to unpack here. I like how Andy says “welcome to the crew,” as if he himself is part of the crew. Then he calls Spike “Brett” about 15 times and launches the nepotism accusation before saying “it was more a dork signal and not a bat signal.” Eventually he gives a banal Sixers take and levels a second nepotism burn before saying “don’t come at me because it won’t end well for you.” Hilarious. Then they hang up on him.

I would assume the anti-Spike portion of Philadelphia sports fans probably enjoyed the phone call, but whenever Andy is one of the involved parties I am always taking the other person’s side. Andy is a nitwit, a moron, and a dope, and has been offering nothing to WIP for as long as he’s been calling. He was annoying when Jon Marks was the PM drive host and he’s annoying when he calls every show every day. Andy should have been banned a long time ago. If Tom Bigby was still around, Andy would have been slapped down and made to sit in the corner with a dunce cap.

By the way, isn’t this is the radio version of Jim Rome calling Jim Everett “Chris” Everett? I kept thinking of this while listening to the phone call: