What a blackjack table. What a hand. What a moment:

The balls on Jason to hit on a soft 18. I know that’s typically the right play with the dealer showing 10, but you still have to have some stones to make the call. That’s why he’s the only one at that table with a Super Bowl ring.

There are some college kids watching this video right now getting the bug for  this weekend. The boys are making plans in the group chat for PA online casino, or to go to Sugarhouse (it’ll always be Sugarhouse to me) with the fellas after the bars close and replicate a night like this crew. Maybe they’ll even see AI. It’s beautiful. The nostalgia. But trust me kids, these kind of storybook endings don’t happen. No one gets blackjack in real life. Maybe in some beautiful Vegas hotel with millionaires you do. But not at 2 a.m. at the $10 table and the money your parents gave you for groceries for the month now sits with the Sugarhouse dealer. In real life that’s a five of clubs and Jason is forced to hit again and then comes the face card. The dealer turns around and gets an eight of spades and now you’re the guy who stole the bust card and everyone hates you. That’s real life.

I gotta be honest, the more I see videos like this, the more I think we’ve lost Jason Kelce to retirement. The guy is just having the time of his life. I think this is the most we’ve ever seen of him in during an offseason. Remember when they lost the Super Bowl last year? We didn’t see him after his last podcast until he put up an Instagram video drinking a beer and announcing he was coming back. Doesn’t feel like we’re getting that this year.

One more thing before I leave you. Are the Kelces a little overexposed right now? I know that is a hot button issue people are only willing to whisper around the dinner table in the comfort of their own home, but afraid to say it publicly. So let’s talk about it. We’re going to start a dialogue:

Hell fucking yea they are overexposed. It’s almost impossible not to be. The one brother is dating the biggest pop star in the world and playing in the Super Bowl. The other is a lovable All-Pro center on the #1 sports podcast in the world. People are starting to realize everything Eagles fans already knew. How likable and relatable the big bear is. Everyone wants a piece of the pie. I can’t hate on a guy cashing in his chips when he’s on a heater and that’s what the Kelces are on. When Jason retires and Travis’ knee goes and the flame of his relationship with TSwift extinguishes, they’re both going to wish they capitalized on every opportunity. Strike while the iron is hot.

P.S. You couldn’t pay me to spend more than five minutes with Bert Kreischer: