Jason Kelce has his pick of where he wants to broadcast after he’s retired. Front Office Sports is reporting Kelce met with ESPN and Fox in Vegas this week and is expected to meet with the other NFL broadcasting partners via Michael McCarthy:

According to a source with direct knowledge of the situation, Kelce met this week with ESPN to discuss possibly linking up; and FOS spoke to another source who witnessed Kelce meeting for the same purpose with Fox. (ESPN and Fox declined to comment.) Those talks are viewed as a preliminary “testing of the water;” he’s been “making the rounds” with various networks, according to one of the sources, and the expectation from both nets is that CBS, NBC and Amazon will join the hunt if Kelce officially becomes a TV free agent. 

It’s over. It’s something I didn’t want to believe, but it’s over. Even if it takes Kelce a couple years to get in the booth I know it’s over. Maybe it’s ESPN or Fox partnering with New Heights. Whatever it is I know it’s over. He’s having the time of his life this week. He’s hanging out hitting blackjack on a soft 18 at the tables with celebrities and he’s belting out “Someone Like You” at the Adele show:

He also might have lined up a cameo in Grown Ups 3 last night:

It’s over. It was a great run. I know it, you know it, and Jordan Mailata knows it: