$5 to win $680,000. That’s what gambling dreams are made of, and one of our own is about to cash in on a life-changing parlay if Jalen Carter wins DPOY. Except paper hands over here wants to sell the ticket, via Eric Richter at the New York Post:

Martwon Weaver had $5 and a dream. A few wild predictions on NFL awards has resulted in a five-leg parlay that is on the cusp of paying him $680,955 on FanDuel. The bet now has a 55-65 percent chance of cashing, based on sportsbooks’ differing odds, with one leg seeming the most volatile.

But due to financial hardship induced by a seizure he sustained while driving in 2022, he wants – even needs – to sell the ticket before Thursday’s NFL awards ceremony. “I’m confident that my bet could hit,” Weaver told The Post in an exclusive interview. “I’m feeling good. But if we could sell it, that would be good also, so we can take the ‘if factor’ out of it.”

Now I know there are some factors beyond Martwon’s control here, but come on man. If you gave any of us 55-65% odds to win our bets before we even placed them with PA sportsbooks we’d be some of the greatest gamblers in the world.

Don’t let a couple dorks voting for Will Anderson scare you away. This is a life-changing play. The tale of the tape looks great for Jalen:

via ProFootballReference.com

Those are strong numbers for a D-Tackle vs. a guy who is rushing off the edge. I mean no forced fumbles? From the edge? Is Will Anderson playing flag football? All the voters want to point to is Jalen Carter hitting the rookie wall and don’t want to talk about Will Anderson having less sacks and less TFLs than Carter did in the last 10 games of the season. Where’s the rookie wall narrative there? I’m just saying…

This guy is hoping to offload it for six figures:

“In the six figures, I’d be willing to talk. It would be tough to turn down,” he said. “But if the price ain’t right, I’m feeling good. With a 70, 85 percent chance at getting $680K, I could take my chances.”

I don’t feel the confidence that this guy is trying to say he exudes. If I’m looking to buy this prop off of Martwon I’m getting a little nervous about his apprehension. You gotta provide a united front when you’re trying to sell off an asset. It’s like going to a car dealership and the salesman is zoning in on the Kia Forte. You try to talk about the Nissan Altima and he keeps pushing the Kia Forte. “What about the Toyota Camry?” you ask and he keeps pushing you to the Kia Forte. Why does this guy have a hard on for the Kia Forte? What does he know that I don’t about the Kia Forte? So you know what happens? I leave with nothing and go to another dealership down the street. Martwon’s gotta lead with blind confidence here while hoping and praying the voters did the right thing and voted Jalen Carter for DPOY. Remember this beast?

Here’s the parlay:

  • Lamar Jackson MVP
  • CJ Stroud OROY
  • Christian McCaffrey OPOY
  • Myles Garrett DPOY
  • Jalen Carter DROY