Joel Embiid is traveling with the team this weekend:

Will we see him in Cleveland or Toronto? Maybe he’ll be back for the OKC game on Tuesday, which should give you even more reason to attend Dollar Dog Night pre-game.

Even the social team is getting in on the fun:

Listen, I don’t expect much from this team in the playoffs. I don’t think they have the horses even with Kelly Oubre Jr. motherfucking everyone in the building. I also think we’ll definitely see swelling flare up in Joel Embiid’s knee that will force him to miss a game during the play-in tournament or playoffs. We’ve seen this story again and again. But if you can get the big man back, you get him back at all costs for a playoff run. You only have so many bullets left in the chamber. Is he the healthiest he’s ever been entering the playoffs? I wouldn’t bet that like some people claim. He still went through a significant knee surgery. But you play him every chance you can get. Maybe you can sneak up on the Bucks or Knicks as a dog in the playoffs and then let the chips fall how they fall.