Former Sixer Pat Bev, who was here for five minutes, does a podcast with Barstool’s Rone. On a recent episode, Bev gave a top five list of whitest black guys in the NBA, which included current Sixer Mo Bamba:

Seems like good fun, yeah? Sort of.

Bamba hit Pat Bev with the Dave Chappelle white guy meme and then posted a series of tweets:

Admittedly, as a Caucasian man from Gilbertsville, I’m not in a position to comment on anybody’s blackness. Whiteness? Absolutely. But blackness, no.

That being said, I laughed hard when Bamba sniped Pat Bev for crossing his legs, then laughed again when he tagged Dr. Umar at the end of that tweet. Dr. Umar is the activist and public speaker who talks a lot about African-American culture and had to release a statement explaining why he was seen with a white woman at the Cherry Hill mall.

Beverley responded with “Luv mo. Always LuV. I said what I said tho,” followed by a couple of laughing emojis. Seems like he didn’t expect that kind of pushback from Bamba, but I guess if you’re going to comment on how black somebody is, then you’re entering choppy waters. You can be the whitest guy on the planet and still successfully follow the context clues to an understanding that it’s not a great idea to question how black somebody is or is not.

FWIW, Pat Bev earlier did a “blackest white guys” list. It included Tyler Herro, Donte DiVincenzo, Alex Caruso, Garrison Mathews, and Chet Holmgren. And as a final aside, I would have loved to have Bamba on the Sixers when Brett Brown was still the coach, just to hear Brett pronounce his last name with that thick New England accent. “Mo Bamb-err.”