Thanks to reader Seth for spotting this. At the Home Depot website, you can buy a 2022 Philadelphia Phillies World Series Champions mat for $34.99:

The slight problem is that the Phillies did not win the 2022 World Series. But it looks great otherwise! Sharp colors, nice design. I can get it shipped to Hilltown by April 17th if I order now.

I looked around the site and found a rectangular version as well, so you can buy that for $32.99 if you want a daily reminder of the pain and suffering we endured at the hands of Framber “sticky stuff” Valdez and Mattress Mack.

But wait, there’s more!

They’re also selling Philadelphia Eagles 2x Super Bowl champion mats:

“Blue Dynasty All-Star Rug.”

Unless I’m colorblind, I see white, green, and some sort of gray on there. Maybe it’s a blue-ish light gray, but it’s definitely not blue-blue. So there are three errors on that one. 1) There is only one Eagles Super Bowl title. 2) There is no dynasty. 3) Blue is not even an Eagles color. Looks snazzy otherwise. You could put this in your office and just pretend that Andy Reid didn’t cook the Eagles twice with his patented “corn dog” play.

I’ll keep looking around on the Home Depot site to see what other fugazi shit we can uncover. Unfortunately they’re probably gonna have to send these to Mozambique. They’re already walking around Maputo with Philadelphia Flyers 2010 Stanley Cup hats and shirts. They’re big fans of the 76ers, who defeated Kobe Bryant and LA Lakers to win it all in 2001.

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