I’m gonna do something I never do, and post a story that’s a full year old. Why? Because I wrote the entire thing before realizing it goes back to April of 2023, and not 2024. Plus, we never did it back then, you may not have even seen it.

But yeah, we did a post titled “Georgia Playing the Disrespect Card is One of the All-Time Achievements in Brainwashing.”

This was after the Bulldogs beat TCU 65-7 in the national title game, then Nolan Smith came out and told everybody that his team was motivated by disrespect, in part due to people believing they would go 7-5 that year. It was ludicrous on the surface, the thought of an SEC juggernaut playing with a manufactured chip on the shoulder.

Smith, now a Philadelphia Eagle, told Connor O’Gara from our sister site Saturday Down South that the entire thing was manufactured:

“You gotta create your own narrative man. Sometimes you gotta put the chip on your own shoulder. But we did have a humongous target on our back, as we saw in the Missouri game… sometimes you gotta juice it up for the guys, especially when you an old man last year. I just wanted everybody to know I said it the whole summer.”

The good thing is that Smith doesn’t need to manufacture anything in Philadelphia. The Eagles collapsed “bigly” last season, as Donald Trump would say. There should be plenty of motivation to flush the 2023 embarrassment and get back to playing high-level football. I wanna see Vic Fangio turn Nolan Smith into Reggie fucking White. I wanna see the quarterback lying prone on the turf. Preferably Dak Prescott.

Go Birds.