Rejoice Sixers fans! Our long national nightmare seems to finally be coming to an end. Tobias Harris’ tenure with the Sixers is expected to come to an end after this season via Keith Pompey at the Inky:

Tobias Harris may be as good as gone. The power forward’s tenure with the 76ers is expected to end once their postseason run concludes. Several NBA executives believe there’s a chance he’ll land with the Detroit Pistons in free agency. But there are several other teams interested in the 13th-year veteran with career averages of 16.3 points and 6.2 rebounds.

Tough last couple of days for the Harris clan.

First, we had his abysmal performance in the play-in game:

Nick Nurse had to lie and give the nicest response to why someone was benched in the history of the NBA:

Then Sixers fans found a Twitter burner that could be his or someone close to him.

Hell of a 48 hours!

Sixers fans and Tobi’s relationship have been over the point of no return for awhile. Remember when he told us not to not fucking clap mid-game after he scored (and traveled):

Then we had the, “Casual Sixers fans would trade me for a Crumbl Cookie.” quote:

He wasn’t wrong:

Could use that 6’9 forward who can shoot 40% from three and guard the other team’s best player to show up against the Knicks.

Listen, I don’t think Sixers fans hate Tobias Harris because he is a bad basketball player or human. He’s actually the opposite. We give him a tough time because he doesn’t live up to the money he makes on the court. He’s clogged up a max contract spot that’s hogtied the Sixers at the deadline for years and then goes out and shoots 2/13 with 100 pump fakes. It doesn’t help that Jimmy Butler, the guy most presumed he was chosen over, has led the Heat to two NBA Finals appearances since he left. Looking back I’d argue the Sixers chose Ben Simmons over Butler and Harris was signed as a sweetener. At the time Simmons had a MVP level ceiling and Butler was coming off of two teams he purposefully torpedoed. But still five years $180 million felt like an overpay back then and since he hasn’t lived up to his end Sixers fans feel like this:

I hope we don’t get a Tobias Harris that is now auditioning for the last big deal of his career. Hopefully the Pistons and his dad already earmarked $100 million for him this offseason. The last thing we need is for Tobi to Leroy Jenkins this series and declare it Tobi Time.