Stephen A. Smith will be in The Garden on Monday for Game 2:

Just another celeb getting a free $100,000 ticket who doesn’t care about the game.

Maybe he’ll have time to learn who’s on the Knicks roster by tip:

Could you imagine this guy being the face of New York Knicks media? A guy who didn’t even know Quentin Grimes was traded in February. This would be like if Kevin Negandhi got on the 6pm SportsCenter and started waxing poetic about Pat Bev’s backup duties with the Sixers late in the season.

Typical NY sports media fake fan mentality talking out their ass personality. Has anyone called WFAN today to tell Evan Roberts that Knicks fans celebrated like they just won the title after he said it was embarrassing for Sixers fans to cheer for free chicken?

I would kill to have Stephen A watch his Knicks lose right in front of him. The only thing is he probably won’t be there to see it:

Need this to lead Tuesday’s episode of First Take: