This is a no brainer. If you have WrestleMania in the Linc you should be required to ask Jason Kelce to be a part of it:


Ahead of #WrestleMania 40 in Philly, @Snoop Dogg has entrusted the @Philadelphia Eagles with his WWEGoldenTitle! Let’s see if they can hold onto it until WrestleMania 👀 #WWE #SnoopDogg #JasonKelce #Eagles

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This could be big. Like Main Event big. Stick with me.

You gotta think the WWE is already working a Dallas Cowboys angle for the show. Well Cody Rhodes is a Dallas Cowboys fan, according to this article at

That being said, would you happen to be more of a Dallas Cowboys fan?

Cody: Very much. My sister Kristin cheered for the Cowboys for multiple seasons. That was her dream. That’s what she wanted to do her whole life. She didn’t make the team like three seasons in a row, and then she finally made it when I was I think 10 or 11. We would go watch games – before AT&T Stadium of course – but we’d go watch games there, and my dad loves – he loved the Cowboys.

If Cody Rhodes comes to the ring in a Dallas Cowboys jersey you can almost immediately guess Kelce is going to come out. This will probably be on Saturday when The Rock and Roman Reigns face off against Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins. The next night is a match for the championship featuring only Reigns and Rhodes. This match doesn’t have any belts switching hands, so I could see WWE being more okay with letting some fan involvement interfere. Kind of like Gronk did in the Andre Battle Royale a couple years back:

The only thing holding this up is that Cody is the good guy right now. The Rock and Roman Reigns just beat the absolute piss out of him and Seth Rollins last night as a work going into WrestleMania. Are they really going to trot him out there on Saturday in a Cowboys jersey on their biggest stage and have the crowd turn against him? Probably not. But maybe they will. Triple H has balls and if he wants to incorporate Kelce into the match for some extra juice that wouldn’t be the worst move.

This card is already STACKED for a two night lineup and adding Jason Kelce to the mix would make WrestleMania 40 legendary. Him and Pat McAfee behind the announcers table would be pretty awesome as well.

I say fuck it. He’s retired. Get him in the Six Pack Tag Team Championship ladder match. He’s been practicing with the Brookline fire department anyway:

Or maybe we can just add Jason Kelce vs. Jason Babin to the card so he can finally get revenge on him for spray painting dicks on his car at training camp: