If you missed it earlier this week, and hopefully you did because it’s ridiculous, Jason Kelce apologized for suggesting that Secretariat was on steroids back in the day. He was speaking off the cuff on his podcast with Travis Kelce and blah blah.

No harm, no foul, and we all move on, unless you’re part of horse Twitter, or horse racing Twitter, which is apparently a thing. Nasty, nasty people.

Look at some of the stuff these folks are saying:




It’s a horse, for crying out loud. And maybe he didn’t even want to race. Did you ever think about that? Did anyone ever ask Secretariat back in the day if he wanted to be a race horse? No, his fate was chosen for him, like an arranged marriage in Afghanistan. Maybe horse racing Twitter should put their time and energy into looking into the mirror and asking why they support animal racing in the first place. Equines, Greyhounds, the pigs at the Boyertown fair – it doesn’t matter. You’re gonna go on Twitter and defend a dead horse from a retired offensive lineman, but won’t stand up for the horses themselves when they’re bred to race? Hypocrites.

For the first time in my life, I side with PETA.

Plus, if you want to talk horses, let’s talk about Smarty Jones. Now that was a real horse. All natural.