The biggest dick in the 2021 Bears QB room wasn’t attached to Nick Foles. Over the weekend, an article from Ty Dunne on the Justin Fields era in Chicago was published at In it was a story about how toxic the Bears QB room was with Fields, Andy Dalton, and Nick:

“They never were together. It was always Andy and Nick walking side by side and Justin always 15 yards behind them,” a source told Dunne.

“There were several arguments amongst the QBs. Once, per one source, Foles was trying to teach something to Fields in the QB room and — upon turning toward the rookie — Foles realized Fields wasn’t even paying attention. His head was down. At that point, Foles was done trying to play mentor. The two could not stand each other.”

Imagine you’ve done nothing in the NFL to hang your hat on and you can’t be bothered to listen to a Super Bowl MVP trying to show you the ropes. I’m sure notorious leader and team-player Russell Wilson will mesh perfectly with Fields.

This is pretty interesting when you look at it from an Eagles perspective. Fields was rumored to Philly, but the Eagles ended up going with Pickett. You gotta think Howie did his due diligence and talked to Foles, right? In between dinking on the pickleball circuit Foles probably told Howie that Fields was the biggest dickhead in the world, and he knows a thing or two about ginormous dickheads. The Eagles ended up trading more to get Pickett then the Steelers did to get Fields. It’s funny now when you think about the character reports from Steelers beats that came out once Pickett was traded:

Trash the guy on his way out. Turn a blind eye to the locker room cancer in your QB room when he comes in. Nothing to see here! Don’t pay attention to the man behind the curtain!

The character reports seemed to be centered around a rumor that Pickett refused to be the backup against Seattle. The rumor was started by sports radio shock jock Mark Madden who’s always at the center of controversy and hot takes. He had a background in WCW wrestling and was fired from a Pittsburgh radio show after making a joke that he wished Ted Kennedy would live long enough to be assassinated while he was dying from a brain tumor. He’s also the guy that said he heard a rumor that Jerry Sandusky and the Second Mile Foundation were pimping out young boys at Penn State to rich donors. Even worse, he’s a Penguins fan. He’s a real piece of shit if you didn’t already get the hint. Here’s Kenny Pickett addressing the rumor last season:

Apparently a lot of Steelers fans thinks Madden hates Pickett because of this exchange on social media when Pickett was still at Pitt:

Who knows. It’s May. Right now it’s a he said, she said in the papers. We’ll see how each guy fares on their team as a backup going forward.