Add this one to already impressive Doc Rivers excuse list. Doc said on the latest Bill Simmons Podcast that the only place it was difficult to play at home was in Philadelphia. As Derek Bodner notes, the Sixers were 31-4 at The Farg the year before Doc got there:

I just checked, and the best home record Doc Rivers had while he was the Sixers head coach was when the team went 29-7 at home during the 2020-21 season – when no fans were allowed in the stadium the majority of the season. After that he went 24-17 and 29-12 and then was fired.

It’s amazing this guy continues to fail upwards. I guess when you have so many connections in the NBA and can spin every narrative into an excuse for why it wasn’t your fault, enough people will fall for it. Imagine if he never found himself in a situation with three future Hall of Famers and one of the best-run organizations in sports. He’d have been calling games for ESPN much sooner in his career. Instead he’s at the helm of another championship contender. We should all strive to have the same career as Doc Rivers. Hit on one big presentation, make a ton of money for your company, and just continue getting promoted off the back of that until you one day call it quits. Doc’s living the American Dream.

There’s an entire FX Drama series out about his time with the Clippers and people will sympathize even more with him because the organization was led by one of the most vile people sports has ever seen. Doc underachieving with one of the most talented rosters ever is not even a footnote. Truly remarkable stroke of luck.

Doc Rivers when it comes to making excuses: