Mike McCarthy is apparently fed up with Jerry Jones and the way he undermines his coaching according to Tyler Dunne at GoLongTD.com. Cowboys players are also concerned via Bryan DeArdo at CBSSports.com:

Mike McCarthy’s name may soon be added to the list of former Cowboys coaches who grew tired of working under Jerry Jones. McCarthy, who is entering his fifth and final season under contract, is getting “fed up” with Jones’ undermining.

“He’s doing it the best he can,” an ex-Cowboys personnel man recently said, per Tyler Dunne of Go Long. “Some of the people I’ve talked to have said that he’s getting fed up with it a little bit.”

McCarthy apparently isn’t the only one who is growing weary of Jones, who has owned and operated the franchise since purchasing it in 1989. According to the report, players are also concerned about Jones and his ability/willingness to undermine their coach.

Now who could’ve seen this coming? The same guy who has undermined Super Bowl coaches and below .500 coaches is still stuck in his ways. Who would’ve thought?

I can’t wait for the Cowboys to be a dumpster fire this season. The coach is a puppet carrying out the one year left in his deal. They waited so long to pay Dak he might make $60 million a year while refusing to pay one of the best young wide receivers in the NFL and without making any strides to get better in free agency.

Some Eagles fan who works in genetic editing needs to create an immortal drug that keeps Jerry Jones alive forever. I don’t care if we have to put his head in one of those glass orbs from Futurama. Keep this guy alive at all costs. I want ESPN flashing to him in the box where Stephen is keeping him upright Weekend at Bernie’s style.

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