You might remember back in April the North Wildwood mayor banned shade on the beach because of something called erosion. There was no sand, even though the ocean has unlimited amounts. The mayor complained they were bussing it out to other towns and not being reciprocated. Well they finally got their sand. 750,000 cubic yards of it. CBS 3 sent the drone out there a few weeks back and got some good shots:


That’s nuts. Wildwood is well known for free, gigantic beaches. Not having a gigantic beach in any of the three Wildwoods is like not having a gigantic parking lot to tailgate in before Eagles games. North Wildwood is finally whole again, right before America’s birthday. Poetic, honestly.

There’s been a pissing match between the state environmental agency and the mayor of North Wildwood for a couple years now. Btw, did you know Wildwood has three mayors? One for North, one for Wildwood proper, and one for Wildwood Crest. Do we really need three mayors for 1.65 square miles of land? That’s like having a nanny for each kid. Sure, the middle child has already been arrested four times and tried to burn the house down, but suck it up. He’s yours.

Shade is back and grandma can stop roasting on the spit because the 10 footers are here.

Henry Savage at the Inky:

Under new regulations all tents, cabanas, and canopies are permitted as long as they are 10 feet or smaller in height, length, and width. Keep in mind, this is a temporary measure that can be changed as needed depending on beach space.

No more dads needing to screw the umbrella deep into the ground like they’re digging to China so only 1.5 people can be protected from the sun. Now you can throw a couple tethers or sandbags on a cabana and enjoy a beer almost immediately. Drink up, dads. They’ll have to rip this shade from your cold, dead hands.