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Howard Eskin Thinks Erin Andrews Being Filmed Nude in Her Hotel Room was the Best Thing to Ever Happen to Her

Kyle Scott - January 20, 2013

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I'm not sure what has gotten into Howard Eskin lately. First he reported that Andy Reid to the Cardinals was all but a done deal… then that the hockey season was on the verge of being canceled… then that Gus Bradley was flying to Philly to finalize his contract with the Eagles… then that Bradley was already in Philly, when he was actually flying somewhere over Montana… and now he's made some questionable remarks about Erin Andrews and her peephole incident.

On Eskin's show Saturday morning, a conversation about Manti T'eo with caller Murray for some reason turned to Andrews, and that's when Eskin decided to opine on her being filmed nude in her hotel room:

Howard Eskin: It’s like Erin Andrews ought to thank the guy that shot the nude video of her.

‘Murray’: You’re absolutely right.

Eskin: She was a sideline reporter on the S.E.C. until that happened.

‘Murray’: And I still don’t like her.

Eskin: No, I think she’s terrible.

‘Murray’: No, me too.


I get it. It's the Sex Tape Theory. You couldn't embrace Kim Kardashian as a bonafide celebrity until you saw Ray J go clamming on a surprisingly well-lit bed. And some will argue that you couldn't embrace Andrews as the preeminent sideline reporter until you saw her in a disappointingly-lit hotel room. But still. The circumstances surrounding a sex tape are a little different than being filmed in your hotel room through a peephole. Eskin may not remember Andrews being a household name when the video came out, but she was (at least among mid-twenties dudes), and I'm not so sure it was the thing that made her career (though it may have helped her get on Dancing With The Stars…). Eskin's comment was as incorrect as it was inappropriate, and I'm guessing that the folks at FOX – who, at some level, sign paychecks for both of them – would think so too.

Listen to Eskin's comment after the jump.

via The Big Lead and Sports Rantz, the latter of which chronicled this and another radio host, on Twitter, telling Andrews the same thing… and to get back in the kitchen

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Caption This! Jay Wright and Erin Andrews

Kyle Scott - February 12, 2011


Shawn Andrews’ Housekeeper Isn’t Very Good

Kyle Scott - November 30, 2010


Michael Phelps would never do that to an employee.

We Told Shawn Andrews We Wanted Him Dead and Brad Childress is Out of a Job

Kyle Scott - November 22, 2010


Just another day for your former Eagles.

Shawn Andrews gave an interview to crack reporter Andrea Kramer prior to last night's game, in which he talked about some of the mail and sentiments Eagles fans directed his way following his departure.

“My tenure there had run its course,” he said. “A lot of the fans were unforgiving. Most people thought I’d give (football) up, take my money, kick back and go back to Arkansas and have a heart attack, which they wanted.

“It’s mind blowing,” continued Andrews. “The fact that people thought my depression was fake, my back injuries were fake. Yet despite all the pain and frustration I continued to come back. I had those surgeries so I could come back and play.”

“I opened some of it, but there’s still a lot of hate mail so I throw it away.”

A sampling?

“The next time I read your name I hope it’s in an obituary…. Good job, you’re now a backup…. If you had your head out of your ass you could still be a Pro Bowler for the Eagles.


Wow.  All this to a guy who was just trying to get his Michael Phelps on?  Just wrong.

Meanwhile, Brad Childress got Favre'd today and was fired by the Minnesota Vikings.  Best Twitter response comes from Adem Schefter: So I guess Brett Favre can now drive Brad Childress to the airport.


Set Up to Fail

Kyle - September 22, 2010


"Joe, I'm doing my best here as coach, but you and that personnel guy, Andy Reid, are killing me."

 (Source: Getty Images)

In spite of my angst over Andy Reid the coach - mainly his end of half/end of game strategy, clock and timeout management, and his aversion to running the ball, I generally think he's done a pretty good job as coach over the last decade. His teams almost always finish strong and at least up until recently, whenever backups are forced into starting roles for a extended period of time, they generally do pretty well. That speaks to solid coaching and preparation.

But Andy Reid, the Director of Football Operations – the guy who has had final say over the majority of personnel decisions for the better part of a decade, has done Andy Reid the coach no favors the last few years. Just examine the litany of bad personnel decisions and talent evaluations they have made starting in 2007, excluding the drafts. The amount of money invested in under-performing players and stiffs is staggering, especially for an organization that has a well-earned reputation for throwing quarters around like manhole covers, and has tried to hold the line on giving new contracts to deserving players over the years like Runyan, Westbrook, Sheldon Brown, Trotter, and Dawkins.

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Shawn Andrews Signs with NY Giants

Kyle Scott - August 20, 2010


Good luck with that, NY.  []

"Our personnel staff has been monitoring Shawn's progress for a while now," general manager Jerry Reese said in the team's press release. "He looks great and had a very good workout for us yesterday. He can play both guard and both tackle positions. We just have to take him slow for the rest of the preseason to get him into game shape. Shawn is very excited and grateful for this opportunity to play for the New York Giants."


Here's what Shawn did last year instead of playing football.  He calls it "the best thing since Obama got elected."  You be the judge.

Video after the jump.  H/T to read Daniel Spencer for lookin out.

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