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Paterno Brings On PR Guru, Releases Statement

Kyle Scott - November 9, 2011

Screen Shot 2011-11-09 at 10.53.39 AM

It took less than 24 hours for Scott Paterno to realize that he was in over his bloated head.

Enter Dan McGinn, PR guru.

This morning, Scott Tweeted the following:

All future media requests regarding the Sandusky matter will be handled by Dan McGinn at (703) 312-0140. 


Jeez, McGinn may want to up his phone plan.

McGinn is the CEO of TMG Strategies, a public relations consultancy that counts General Motors, Texaco, and Coke as clients

TMG describes itself thusly:

For more than 20 years, CEOs, general counsels, university and non-profit presidents, elected officials and media executives have turned to TMG for advice on some of the most complex and high-profile disputes and reputation threats of this era. The following sample of our engagements illustrates the level of communications challenges we have worked on and the range of services we have provided.


Put simply: They fix shit. Or at least try to.

When university president Graham Spanier cancelled yesterday’s press conference – an action that was immediately met by a response from Scott Paterno, who said that his father wanted to speak – it became the administration vs. Joe Pa. At that point, this thing entered Bizarro World, a place where up is down, down is up, and students sing Sweet Caroline in a strange on-campus scene. 

In the eyes of many, Spanier immediately became the heel– think of the cowardly Billy Zane in Titanic, running around with a gun and hopping in the life boat for women and children. Or, in this case, sprinting out the side door of Old Main on Penn State’s campus.

Joe Pa is the aging hero– the captain of the ship who, until now, didn’t realize realize his vessel was sinking. All he heard was the band (students) playing soothing songs on the ship’s deck as the world collapsed around them. 

It seems now Paterno (or his son) realizes that there’s no lifeboat for this one… despite the best efforts of his supporters. It’s all about perception, and the perception is not good. Scott is ill-equipped to change that fact.

As our friend Adam Reigner points out, you either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain (yep, Batman'd). McGinn is going to do his best to prevent the latter from happening to Paterno. But he faces a long, uphill battle.

Here’s step one: A statement from Paterno which was released this morning:

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The Lenny Dykstra Celebrity Boxing Match (Which Never Happened) Story Has Taken an Unexpected and Delightfully Ridiculous Turn

Kyle Scott - November 7, 2011

But, but, but…

Of course the Lenny Dykstra celebrity boxing match saga took a turn toward the ridiculous this weekend.

He didn’t show up. You knew that.

What you might not know are the details (half of which have to be false, since every player in this is making contradictory statements) as told to Dan Gross, who wrote a fascinating, must-read article on the whole cockup.

If you don’t have the attention span to read a lengthy piece about worms crawling on slugs, then here’s the gist:

Lenny says he never agreed to the fight. Instead, he claims that a man posing as his business manager, Dan Herman, 26, of West Chester, booked him for the fight and made up the quotes that were contained in a press release for the event.

Damon Feldman and Alki David, the fight’s organizers, reversed course on a prior claim that they paid Dykstra a $5,000 advance on Thursday (citing loud noises as a reason for the misinterpreted question, answer). Feldman told Gross that, last week, he and David visited Dykstra at a California rehab center, where Dykstra is currently a patient. Dykstra, however, says that he isn’t a patient, and that he’s simply staying with his friend… Dr. Howard Samuels (yeah, and I just like to fly with my quiet companion, William H. Xanax).

Anyway, the best part is when Dykstra starts slinging mud at Herman (portrayed to be the real culprit here), who may or may not be posing as Nails’ business manager, 

"I never agreed to anything," the embattled Dykstra told us yesterday in an email. "Damon Feldman and Alki David continued to use my name to sell tickets and promote their event up until the last minute. They showed up at my door unexpected, I didn't even know who they were," Dykstra explained. He then showed Feldman and David an angry email he sent to Herman Wednesday night, chewing out Herman for booking the fight without his permission.

By phone yesterday, Dykstra denied that Herman was ever his business manager. "If he's my business manager, I'm a f[uck]in' ballerina," he told us.


[If anyone wants to make Lenny Dykstra-I’m a fuckin’ ballerina shirts, consider us on board] 

For what it’s worth, I’ve been told that Herman is the guy who runs “Dykstra’s” Twitter account, too.

There’s more. Much more. Dykstra acknowledges that he was visited by Feldman and David. And he claims he was offered money to say – on video – that he was unable to fight due to injury. Feldman and David, of course, deny that claim– because that would surely be unethical.

Not to be outdone in this circle jerk of unfortunate, Herman claims that Dykstra is lying because he’s a convicted felon, and that’s just what they do.

Oh, and the best part? Dykstra only spoke to Gross because John Bolaris told him it was OK. 

You can’t make up the Dykstra Zone, folks.

Full story here.

Dan Carcillo Calls Philly Media “Rude”

Kyle Scott - August 16, 2011

Screen Shot 2011-08-16 at 11.45.03 AM

Pic via KFP Hockey's Flickr

Car Bomb spoke with the Chicago Sun Times this week. Not surprisingly, he talked a bit about his time in Philadelphia:

Is the Philly media as tough as they say it is?

Yeah. It’s ridiculous. . . . If you lose, people look for excuses, and they nitpick. They make stories out of nothing. It’s unfortunate. That’s just the way it is. It’s kind of their culture. People are kind of outspoken and rude.


Screen Shot 2011-08-16 at 11.47.03 AM

This comes from the professional hockey player who once Tweeted about sticking his fingers in daddy's little girl. Perhaps his definition of the word differs from ours.

He's not entirely incorrect, however. Fans (and bloggers?) are "rude," but that's because they (we?) care. Reporters are rude because they have a job to do, though I'd argue some of the older beat writers can be dicks at times… oh, hello, Tim Panaccio:

Screen Shot 2011-08-16 at 11.39.48 AM

Yeah, that's what C Bomb was talking about.

Hey, while we're on the subject of rude, let's take a look at where Jodie Sweetin is at in life:

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Welcome to Peter Laviolette’s “Dry Island,” the Place that May Have Gotten Mike Richards and Jeff Carter Traded

Kyle Scott - July 25, 2011

Screen Shot 2011-07-25 at 9.19.28 AM
Miller Lite is not welcome on Dry Island

What, I thought we were in the trust tree, with the nest? Are we not?

What I am about to tell you is true. Allegedly.

Just an incredible reporting job by gossip columnist Dan Gross in today's Daily News. Somehow, Gross got to the bottom of a story that, frankly, shouldn't have taken this long to come out. He wrote, sourcing two unnamed players, that when Peter Laviolette arrived in 2009, he created what later came be to be known as "Dry Island," an excursion to an imagined Betty Ford clinic, which required players to pledge their abstinence from alcohol for one month by writing their numbers on a whiteboard. One Seven and One Eight never stepped foot on the island.

Paul Holmgren confirmed the existence of Dry Island (Jeff Probst just found the shooting location for season 962 of Survivor) to Gross: []

In a phone interview Thursday, Flyers General Manager Paul Holmgren confirmed that Richards and Carter hadn't put their numbers on the board, but said there had been others who declined. "We carry 23 players and there wasn't 23 numbers up there."

Holmgren was "really upset that this is out there. That's our locker room. Our inner sanctum. Our board. Someone's crossing a line here," in discussing the Dry Island.


Oh yes. The witch-hunt for which current or former player(s) leaked this begins now.

Homer called it "preposterous" that Richard's and Carter's absence from Dry Island led to the pair being traded.

But what's more preposterous, Homer? Did Lavs really expect a bunch of twenty-something millionaires to abstain from drinking for month-long stretches? That would be like asking Amy Winehouse (too soon) a gleeful pig not to roll around in shit. 

Those of you who read this site on a consistent basis know that I'm all for holding players accountable. But asking them not to drink for a month at a time? Ludicrous. Luda!

As I've written numerous times before, Holmgren performed hockey genocide this offseason: Richards, Carter, Versteeg, Leino, Carcillo… all gone. It is not difficult to find stories about any of them.

In Chicago, Versteeg came under fire for these pictures, which were taken the night before a regular season game in 2010. 

Leino always hung with Richie and Carts. The trio went on an All-Star break excursion to Costa Rica– not an island and likely not dry, either. Upon return, the Flyers got crushed in a 4-0 loss to Tampa Bay. Leino signed with Buffalo earlier this month (albeit for a ton of money).

Carcillo, who went to Cabo (not an island, not dry) with Richie and Carts after the season and Tweeted about finger-banging a broad in Atlantic City, was not re-signed by Holmgren.

Do you notice a theme?

It's not preposterous to deduce the lowest common denominator amongst the players either traded or not re-signed by the Flyers.

But wait, there's more!

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So Dan Carcillo’s Twitter Went Away…

Kyle Scott - May 25, 2011

Screen shot 2011-05-25 at 1.14.29 PM

Surprised, Clark? Car Bomb's Twitter (@og_carbomb13) no longer exsits, at least under that moniker. I mean, after Tweeting about finger sex and gingers in Boston, I was half expecting to sponsored Tweets from Lifestyles: For when her dad is not proud of her. Oh wells…

Perhaps he'll make a triumphant return under a different handle, not unlike Mo Speights, who has reinvented himself still Tweets about fat women.

H/T to a super sleuth who shall go unnamed

Dan Carcillo Gets Two Game Suspension… 10 Days After Season Ends

Kyle Scott - May 17, 2011

Car Bomb with Neil Young's tour bus yesterday


Dan Carcillo has had a meteoric rise to the Dykstra Zone. Car Bomb has been suspended for two games, without pay, for his actions during an off-ice incident after the first period of Game 4 against Boston. From the press release:

"Between  the  first and second period, while off ice and outside the officials'  locker  room,  Mr.  Carcillo engaged in aggressive behavior and inappropriate  conduct  directed at the officials," said Murphy [NHL Sr. VP of Hockey Operations]. "While Mr. Carcillo acknowledged in the hearing that he regrets his actions outside of the officials' room, there can be no defense for his conduct.

"I  also  reviewed  the  verbal  confrontation  between  Carcillo and linesman  Brian  Murphy  at  the  players'  bench prior to the start of the second  period  and  have  determined that, while the verbal abuse may have been worthy of a penalty, there is no evidence that Carcillo's action merit supplemental discipline," concluded Murphy.


What in the world do you say to an official that gets you a two game suspension? If you saw HBO's 24/7, you know that just about anything goes when it comes to interactions between players and officials. F bombs? You bet. Yelling? No problem. Insults? Par for the course.

The best part about this is that Carcillo's hearing was held on Friday, presumably just hours before he Tweeted about heading to New York to party and, well, you know…

… there's a part of me that thinks this has something to do with the Tweet heard round the world.

Dalton Pepper to Temple, Pittsburgh Sucks, Bobby Bonilla, Dan Carcillo’s Latest Product Endorsement

Kyle Scott - May 17, 2011

Pic via this Flickr stream

Continuing a line of great white guards on North Broad, West Virginia's Dalton Pepper will transfer to Temple. He wants to be closer to his sick father: [CSN Philly]

Pepper would not confirm where he is transferring — "Not sure," he added, "Got to figure out what's up with father" — but multiple sources close to Pepper have indicated that it's Temple, his second choice coming out of high school.


Now before all you TU folks go getting your horrid Owl Ill shirts in a euphoric twist, let me remind you that Pepper couldn't crack the top 100 in most high school rankings, and he's only averaged 3.5 ppg over his first two seasons with the Mountaineers. He's not exactly John Wall or anything. Golf clap, though.

– Pittsburgh is awful: []

Two employees of the Pittsburgh Pirates called for a boycott of a Kennedy Township bar that offered to cut the price of beer every time the Pirates lost.

"I've never heard of anything so ridiculous," said Estelle Aversa, who owns the Stroll Inn.

A sign in front of the bar on Fairhaven Road said, "If the Pirates lose, you win." The promotion called for a discount of a nickel off a pitcher of beer after every loss by the Pirates, who haven't had a winning season since 1992.


So let me get this straight… the Pirates are urging fans to boycott an honest establishment, during these down economic times, because the bar had a tongue-in-cheek promotion of the baseball team's woeful ineptitude? Pittsburgh is coming dangerously close to the Dykstra Zone.

– As we originally told you about, like, a year ago, the Mets began paying Bobby Bonilla $1.2 million a year yesterday. In 1999, Bonilla agreed to defer $6 million in salary. But thanks to interest and inflation, he is now owed close to $30 million. The Amazin' Mets, folks.

– Those of you who read Dan Carcillo's Tweet will probably enjoy one of his latest endorsement deals. Here's a hint: one of these sales pitches is real. The other? Not so much.

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Caption This! Car Bomb Loses at Wii

Kyle Scott - February 28, 2011


H/T to Pat