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If The Phillies Tap MacPhail, What Can Be Expected

Kyle - June 24, 2015


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Pat Gillick will be moving on in the near future. So said Gillick to Bob Brookover on Sunday. The current team president will introduce an heir apparent some time in the near future. And it could be Andy MacPhail. Originally rumored to be the next GM, MacPhail’s hat has now firmly landed in both rings.

So, it’s worth asking the question: What does a future with Andy MacPhail mean?

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Former Phillies Scouting Director Saw All of This Coming Years Ago

Jim Adair - July 18, 2014

For those of you who don’t remember, Chuck LaMar, the first GM of the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, spent some time in the Phillies organization. LaMar was brought in as the Phillies’ director of professional scouting in 2007, was later appointed to assistant general manager of player development & scouting in 2008, and resigned abruptly from the club on September 6, 2011.

At the time of his resignation, Ruben Amaro was very coy and a little sassy about what happened, responding to questions about LaMar with:

“You’ll have to ask Chuck.”

“That’s a question you’ll have to ask Chuck.”

“That’s a speculative question.”

A Bill Conlin piece that came out a few days later (one of the last pieces Conlin wrote before being accused of child molestation) relayed what Conlin had heard from inside the organization: that LaMar resigned because, as a man whose job was to run the minor league system, he was constantly handcuffed by Ruben’s bad deals.

Conlin wrote, relaying his man-on-the-inside’s report:

“LaMar requested a meeting with Amaro. Fellow assistant to the GM Benny Looper rode shotgun. So you knew right away the subject involved the minor league organization. Chuck got right to the point, which is his style.

He said, ‘I think our six affiliates have done a helluva job this season, considering we lost three of our top-five-rated prospects in the deal for Pence. The loss of Jarred Cosart and Jonathan Singleton weakened a Clearwater team that had a playoff shot right to the final weekend. The loss of Domingo Santana, our most promising Latin position player since Juan Samuel, weakened the middle of the Lakewood order. Williamsport made a strong run at the postseason despite a young team that probably overachieved. The veteran players we signed helped Ryne Sandberg make the playoffs at Lehigh Valley and Reading was a pleasant surprise … ‘

Then he dropped the hammer … Chuck said, ‘I expect to lose top prospects the way the big club is structured right now. That’s my job. Develop ’em and wave ’em goodbye. But we have been shot at and hit two straight years. It’s also my job to see we draft and sign players who can sustain us at the high level we’ve been at during this great run. But the well is dry, gentlemen. My bonus budget this year was just $5 million. We can’t compete with aggressive clubs that are spending three times that. We failed to sign a number of late-round picks with college commitments because we could not pay enough over slot. We’re not even competing with the Pirates or Nationals, and in a few years the talent coming into our division is going to bite us in the butt …'”

So, looking back on it during this slow week, not only does it show that a man within the organization who had a hand in building World Championship-caliber teams saw the situation we’re in now coming from a thousand miles away, but he vented his frustrations to Ruben about it. All of the talk of evaluating and the unpredictable nature of baseball seems more indicative of incompetence than before, when we thought Ruben was just being dumb. Now, looking back on what has been forgotten and seeing that Ruben had (and probably still has) people inside the organization telling him that he’s been on the wrong path for a while, it just seems like he’s not even trying.

h/t reader Jeff

Dave Montgomery Fully Endorses Ruben, Does Not Endorse Your Hopes And Dreams

Jim Adair - June 18, 2014

I don't know what I'm doing!

I don’t know what I’m doing!

The sad fact of the way a baseball team operates (and any professional team for that matter) is this: The majority of a millions-strong fan base can feel a certain way but only a few key people are able to make the decisions. Sometimes that’s a good thing, and sometimes, while most Phils fans would rather never hear the name Ruben Amaro Jr. ever again, Phillies president Dave Montgomery is all about him.

According to the Inquirer, Montgomery — who is recovering from surgery to remove cancer from his jaw — said:

“I just believe that group of people gave us the successful period we had … They had different roles in it. I know people focus on Ruben’s role having changed vis-a-vis 2009 vs. 2008. But I talked to Pat Gillick about our club this morning. Pat Gillick sat in that entire draft. It’s not like we’re not benefiting from the thinking of the same people we had before. That’s why you have to look at the whole body of work. Have we been served well? My answer to that is yes.”

While Montgomery knows he’s loyal, he doesn’t see it as “blind loyalty,” and went on to say “I just try to pay attention … I think we have pretty good people doing these jobs. We saw, over a long period, pretty good success with this group of people. Obviously, Ruben is part of that group.” So he’s not blindly loyal, just blindly watching baseball from the past? Cool, now I get it.

Ruben Amaro Has No Idea How At-Bats Differ From Plate Appearances (Really)

Kyle Scott - June 12, 2014

I don't know what I'm doing!

I don’t know what I’m doing!

Ruben Amaro joined chucklehead Tom McCarthy and Jamie Moyer in the booth today to explain to everyone why things are not going to be OK and we’re all fucked. That’s when he displayed a complete lack of even a rudimentary understanding of the sport in which he generally manages.

T-Mac brought up Jimmy Rollins being one hit away (currently) from Mike Schmidt’s all-time Phillies hit record, and mentioned that J-Roll™ will do it in slightly fewer at-bats. This is what Ruben Amaro actually said in response [verbatim, sic’d and all that]:

“Yeah, we were checking it out. In fact Schmitty was in the booth yesterday when we were talking about it, and, um, I think it’s about a thousand difference in, ah, plate appearances. Pretty amazing. But their batting averages aren’t that different, which is kind of… weird. I don’t quite understand it.”

WALKS, you dope! WALKS. Mike Schmidt walked a lot more! Holy Christsack.

Rollins has 8,320 career at-bats. Schmidt had 8,352. Virtually identical. But Schmidt had 10,062 plate appearances, Rollins only has 9,168– a difference of 894. Schmidt walked 1,507 times, Rollins only 723– a difference of 784, which, when combined with Schmidt’s additional 32 at-bats, totals 816, leaving room for 78 plate appearances that resulted sacrifices, hit-by-pitches and catcher’s interferences, thus explaining the difference. Get fired, Rube. Get fired.


Here’s the audio:

And Tom McCarthy referred to him as Phillies Assistant GM right after asking if he liked the broadcasters’ new Tommy Bahama shirts. H/T to readers Chris and Ellen

Adorable Two-Hour-Old Baby Wants Ruben Amaro Fired

Kyle Scott - June 10, 2014

Voila_Capture 2014-06-10_02-49-39_PM
Voila_Capture 2014-06-10_02-50-04_PM

He’s seen enough.

Oddly, a few years ago, right after the Phillies traded for Hunter Pence, reader Luke sent me a picture of him and his newborn son, L.J., who had shat himself out of sheer joy when Pence went yard for the first time as a Phillie. L.J. had been born into a world where Ruben Amaro was king. Those were good times. Now, three years later, Rube is little more than a jester, and babies enter the world during a time of great turmoil. Of course, their reaction is still to just shit their pants.

Bob says that this is his second kid. His first was given a Fire Andy sign. Let’s make it 2-for-2, Bobo.

Ruben Insists There Was No Clerical Error, Just Regular GM Error in Pence/Santana Deal

Jim Adair - June 9, 2014

Someone get that man a mirror!

Someone get that man a mirror!

Just as we had all begun to accept the report that a clerical error had sent Domingo Santana to the Astros in the Hunter Pence deal, Ruben Amaro has denied the report because of course he has. Ruben told CSN:

“There were several prospects we didn’t want to part with in that deal but we were trying to acquire the best right-handed hitter on the market and that was the price. I understand we’re going to get picked apart because we haven’t had success for a couple of years, but this is not true … There was no mistake. If someone said that, they are misinformed because it’s absolutely, unequivocally wrong. It’s false.”

So let it be known, that Domingo Santana, 21-year-old potential big-league impact player, is not on the Astros roster because of a mistake. Oh no, it was all part of Ruben’s plan. Let it also be known that Jonathan Singleton, one of the other now-big-names in that deal, has two home runs in six games including a grand slam this weekend. It’s all unfolding as planned.

A Clerical Error May Have Caused the Phillies to Send a Top Prospect to the Astros

Kyle Scott - June 6, 2014

Voila_Capture 2014-06-06_05-05-14_PM

In my post yesterday about Houston Chronicle writer Jose de Jesus Ortiz detailing why the Phillies were on the wrong side of the Hunter Pence deal in 2011, I somehow missed this line from Jd JO about rising prospect Domingo Santana being thrown in by the Phils as the player to be named later:

Less than two months after they picked George Springer from the University of Connecticut, the Astros sent Pence and cash to the Phillies on July 29, 2011, for Cosart, Singleton, Zeid and a player to be named, which ended up being Santana. In spring training, a Phillies official admitted that Santana wasn’t actually supposed to be on the list that was given to the Astros to pick from to satisfy the final piece on Aug. 15, 2011.

As noted yesterday, Santana is having an outstanding year in the minors and will likely find his way to the Astros this season. At 21, he may turn out to be the best player the Astros received in the Pence deal, and his inclusion (and the disagreement over the PTBNL), may have been due to some sort of processing glitch in the Phillies’ front office.

Somebody needs to fix that glitch. They can start by moving Ruben Amaro down to Storage B.

via Phuture Phillies, (@1elevenpaul), reader Joe

Exhibit 4,624 Why Ruben Amaro is a Moron

Kyle Scott - June 6, 2014

Voila_Capture 2014-06-06_11-54-42_AM

Ruben Amaro’s first bonehead move as GM came in December of 2009, when he traded Cliff Lee to the Mariners for prospects just so he could feel better about trading prospects to the Blue Jays for Roy Halladay. It was the subject of my first-ever blog post on this site. The Phillies, who wound up well below the luxury tax threshold in 2010 and went on to sign Lee that December anyway, could’ve afforded both Lee and Halladay and had Halladay-Lee-Hamels in the rotation for the entirety of the 2010 season. Would things have ended differently that year? Probably not. They finished with the best record in baseball and lost in NLCS to the Giants, who had no problem with Lee, a Ranger, in the World Series. But the point is that Amaro made the team worse before a season in which they would undoubtedly be contenders.

So, about the prospects the Phillies got in return.

J.C. Ramirez is somewhere in the Indians organization. He pitched 24 innings for the Phillies last year and had an ERA of 7.50.

Phillippe Aumont, supposedly the best of the bunch, is an absolute disaster. He was sent down this week after giving up four earned runs in 1 2/3 innings.

And last night, the Phillies reportedly DFA’d coke user Tyson Gillies, effectively ending his chance to ever contribute to the Phils at the Major League level.

Only Ruben Amaro can manage to piss you off four and a half years after doing something dumb.