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Crossing Broadcast: Eagles Make Moves, Sports Media, Pinching Pennies

Russ Joy - March 24, 2020

Kevin, Anthony, Bob, and Russ address the impact of COVID-19 on the sports media landscape and if The Athletic and subscriber model outlets can survive. The guys then discuss whether the layoff will help the Phillies, Sixers, and Flyers by allowing injured players more time to recover before gearing back up. The guys also recap every Howie Roseman move this offseason including the acquisitions of Javon Hargrave and Darius Slay, along with the departure of Malcolm Jenkins. They also touch on an apparent change of heart by Josh Harris and Co. Plus, the guest edition of 50 Hottest Takes.

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Malcolm Jenkins Fires Back at Critics

Russ Joy - October 22, 2019

On Tuesday afternoon, the Eagles Twitterverse was ablaze following the circulation of a Malcolm Jenkins quote, including the surprisingly polarizing line, “You had Nick Foles coming in and obviously that changed a lot of what we did on offensively (sic).” While I was falling asleep on the couch watching Kyle Lowry flop around in Toronto, Jenkins took to Twitter to clap back at those questioning his leadership and choice of words:

So there you have it. Jenkins stands by his words and claims that his teammates have heard him voice similar concerns and sentiments. He’s right, by the way. The team has to play better, not only to save their season, but to prevent the cratering of the locker room dynamic. Something tells me this story is far from over.

Malcolm Jenkins Clearly Deserves a Raise

Kevin Kinkead - June 10, 2019

The Birds’ mandatory minicamp begins this week and veteran safety Malcolm Jenkins is not expected to participate.

According to the King, Howard Eskin, Jenkins is seeking a “hefty raise” to his current deal:

Hefty is an interesting word. Is that a million dollars? Two million dollars? ONE HUNDRED BILLION DOLLARS?

Last week Adam Schefter told the 97.5 the Fanatic morning show that the Jenkins’ thing was an “unresolved contractual situation:

…I think the Eagles organization is not surprised by this. I think that they know this is going to be an issue that will carry into and beyond next week. And I personally, my own sense is, reading between the lines, I don’t believe he will be (at mandatory camp). We’ll see whether or not that turns out to be accurate. But I don’t think we’ll see him next week for the opening of mandatory minicamp.”

Jenkins ranks 9th among NFL safeties in average earnings per year, according to Over the Cap. Below, you see he’s smushed between Adrian Amos and Tony Jefferson and making less than Harrison Smith and Lamarcus Joyner, after the jump:

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Malcolm Jenkins is not a Jerry Jones Fan

Kevin Kinkead - July 27, 2018

That makes two of us.

I wrote the other day about Jerry Jones and the Cowboys holding fast to their policy of requiring players to stand for the national anthem despite new guidelines from the NFL that would allow personnel to remain in the locker room instead. The whole thing is kind of dumb anyway, since the rules are being frozen while the league has discussions with the NFL Players Association.

The topic came up today with Eagles captain Malcolm Jenkins, who described Jones as a “bully” and explained that Jeffrey Lurie would not force that kind of rule on his players:

More Jenkins from Zack Rosenblatt at

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Malcolm Jenkins Has Spoken. Will Anyone Listen?

Tim Reilly - June 7, 2018

“If you don’t like what is being said, change the conversation,” Don Draper once quipped on Mad Men. On Wednesday, Malcolm Jenkins took the advice.

As the local press surrounded Jenkins’ locker, fishing for a quote to color their stories about the Eagles’ scuttled White House trip, the Eagles safety and social activist tried a different mode of communication.

“Are you surprised that you guys eventually decided not to go to the White House?” Derrick Gunn asked. In response, Jenkins held up a poster board that read, “You Aren’t Listening.”

“More than 60% of people in prison are people of color,” read the ensuing slide in the presentation.

6 ABC reporter Jeff Skversky was the next to try to cull a sound bite from Jenkins. “Are you surprised you guys are embroiled in this controversy with the White House?”

“Nearly 200,000 juveniles enter the adult criminal system each year, most for non-violent crime. #stopschoolpipelinetoprison” was the written reply.

“Are you not going to say anything, or are you just going to use these posters?” Skversky inquired. It was a fair question in light of the unconventional display taking place.

“You aren’t listening,” came the silent retort.

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3 Eagles in Pro Bowl + 3 Alternates

Mark Saltveit - December 23, 2015

Three Philadelphia Eagles were named to the Pro Bowl Tuesday: DE Fletcher Cox (finally!), Darren Sproles (as a punt returner), and in a surprise, LT Jason Peters.

Naming Peters is kind of a habit at this point. He has been selected every year since 2008, except for 2012 when he didn’t play at all due to a ruptured achilles tendon. 2015 has not been his strongest year, but he earned the admiration of his fellow players by holding together a very shaky offensive line through force of will, despite his age (34 in a month) and a series of painful injuries.

The number of Pro Bowlers on the Eagles (three) matches the total on Green Bay and Pittsburgh. Undefeated Carolina leads the league with 10, while the other elite teams — New England, Seattle and Arizona — have seven each.

Three Eagles were named as alternates, according to Bleacher Report: center Jason Kelce, safety Malcolm Jenkins, and special teamer Chris Maragos. The team has not confirmed this as of late Tuesday night. Punter Donnie Jones and OLB Connor Barwin were flat out snubbed.

Jeff Skversky of ABC-6 Sports tweeted an interesting list of Eagles Chip Kelly has cut.

Skversky quote on ex-Eagle pro bowlers

The thing is, Shady is the only one on that list selected this year, which kind of undercuts Skversky’s point. (And he was a somewhat controversial pick himself, as the league’s 9th best running back by yardage.) In general, the players Chip got rid of made sense; Todd Herremans, Cary Williams and Bradley Fletcher are all out of the league. It’s the players he chose to replace them that have been a problem.

Meanwhile, one of the most discussed snubs was former Eagle Kurt Coleman, who is having a miracle year with seven interceptions and a touchdown already in 2015. (He had a total of 10 interceptions in his first five NFL years, none of them in 2013 when he played for Chip.) Here’s an argument no one could have predicted a year ago:

Stopping John Brown is the key to the Eagles – Cardinals game

Mark Saltveit - December 20, 2015

Philadelphia matches up well against Arizona. They beat them in a tough 2013 game, and lost last year only because of a stupid defensive play.

The Eagles led 20-17 with 1:21 left. Arizona had the ball on their own 25. Might be a good time for a prevent defense, right? Instead, Cary Williams played tight on Williams, who predictably ran by him. Worse, safety Nate Allen bit on a double move, trying to be a hero by going for an interception on a short pass that was just a fake.

Brown flew by both for an easy touchdown. And no doubt, he’s one of the fastest receivers in the game. But half-decent coverage could have stopped the play or at least limited it to a long gain.

Since then, Allen signed with the Raiders as a free agent, and Cary Williams is out of football after the Seahawks cut him. The Eagles also replaced DBs coach John Lovett with Cory Undlin, who players rave about, and the unit as a whole is much better. So far, they’ve given up 44 passes of 20 yards or longer in 13 games. Last year, in 16, they surrendered 72.

But the secondary is still a work in progress. EJ Biggers is erratic at best. Nolan Carroll broke his ankle. Against Tampa Bay and Detroit, DC Bill Davis tried moving Malcolm Jenkins out of the nickel CB role back to a more traditional safety position. The Eagles gave up 45 points each to two of the league’s worst teams.

After they put Malcolm back in the slot and called up Ed Reynolds from the practice squad to play safety, the Birds beat New England and Buffalo, giving up only 28 and 20 points. And Reynolds clinched the Bills game with his late interception.

How well the Eagles handle John Brown tonight will be a good marker of their chances to win. Whether he faces Byron Maxwell or rookie Eric Rowe, Brown remains a deep threat who demands safety help to neutralize. The Eagles will need good coaching from Undlin, a smart defensive game plan and individual execution by Reynolds and Rowe, two green players, to have a chance at pulling off this upset.

Eagles – Patriots: Christmas Comes Early

Mark Saltveit - December 6, 2015

Just when the Eagles looked like they were hitting an all-time low, they string us out on a heaven’s high. Would you prefer to be an even-tempered, slightly above average Chiefs fan? Not me. This is the payoff that makes it worth it.

Everything was unpredictable about this game, to everyone except Kyle (who called the win).. Except that the NFL seems to work that way. As soon as something is obvious to everyone, you can be sure it isn’t going to happen. This is a Sunday where Blaine Gabbert not only led his team to victory, but also had a higher quarterback rating than Tom Brady and four times more rushing yards than Adrian Peterson.

So yeah, it’s crazy that the Patriots even struggled, much less lost, but it was sort of predictable. And their near-comeback from 21 points down was predictable, too. Tommy Lawlor called it:

tommy lawlors tweet about nervous with lead

But even given all that anti-logic, this was a crazy game. Here are five especially surprising miracles from today’s game.

1) The heroes of the game

Malcolm Jenkins and Connor Barwin did well, which is no surprise. It’s great that Jason Peters rallied despite injuries to throw a crucial block on third down and allow Bradford to extend the Eagles’ final drive. But he’s a stud. You expect that. Ditto Sproles’ big plays.

But no one predicted Riley Cooper would make two clutch, late plays to seal the victory — first, slapping an onside kick out of bounds, then catching the 14-yard pass that Peters’ block made possible.

We knew Tom Brady would try to pick on rookie Eric Rowe, since Nolan Carroll is out for the season with a broken ankle. We did not expect Rowe to break up the first and last plays of the Patriot’s final drive with two crucial shutdowns. Continue Reading

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