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The Patriots Used Meek Mill in a Hype Video

Kevin Kinkead - February 1, 2019

I know that Meek Mill is close with Bob Kraft, and the pair are involved with a new criminal justice reform group, but what the hell is this? –

Pretty bad.

Rams by a million.

Was Rams/Chiefs Ultra-Entertaining Football or Big 12 Bullshit? Was it Both?

Kevin Kinkead - November 20, 2018

Are you not entertained?

I think that was the line from Gladiator, after Russell Crow whipped someone’s ass in the Coliseum.

Last night’s Chiefs/Rams game resulted in 1,001 yards of offense, 56 first downs, 144 plays, 95 passing attempts, and 11 offensive touchdowns. Kansas City turned the ball over five times and committed 13 penalties for 135 yards but still scored 51 points.

It was probably the highest-level offensive football game I’ve ever watched. Both coaches were just rolling last night. Some of the play calls and quarterback throws and receiver routes took us to the pigskin pinnacle. Maybe we did reach the top. It’s innovative and fascinating stuff.

I’m not surprised, though. Are you? This is the way the NFL has been trending for some time now. It’s less about defense and running the football. It’s about a high-powered passing offense predicated on high-level quarterback play and boosted by rule changes that make it harder and harder to be an effective defender in 2018. Long gone are the days of grind-it-out slugfests and 12-9 field goal kicking contests.

Most people will say that’s a good thing, and I don’t think I disagree, at least not on the surface. Offensive football is entertaining. Point-scoring is entertaining. That interfaces extremely well with the modern world of fantasy football and legalized sports betting, which ultimately puts more eyeballs on the product and grows the NFL beyond the typical football fan.

But I don’t think I agree, either. I’m somewhere in the middle, probably because I watch horrendous Big 12 football every week, with comically bad defensive teams allowing 600+ yards and 40+ points per game. I watch defensive coordinators drop eight into coverage and rush three undersized JUCO transfers who gas themselves out trying to beat five linemen to reach a five-star quarterback. Guys like Taylor Cornelius and Kyler Murray just cruise down the field as if there isn’t even a defense in front of them. It’s utterly predictable and unbalanced.

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Rams Fan Gets Tossed Like a Rag Doll In Another Brawl Not Involving Philadelphia

Kevin Kinkead - September 28, 2018

I was told that Philadelphia sports fans are the worst, but here’s another wild melee not involving us.

TMZ Sports has video of a donnybrook from last night’s Rams/Vikings game, which appears to begin with some sort of argument. One guy with a Rams shirt then throws a half-punch at a guy with a Todd Gurley jersey, then eats three right hands before launching the first guy over a few rows of seats:

I guess the high ground doesn’t always work out for you.

THEN – some female Rams fan comes over and tries to punch another woman in the face and the video eventually ends.

TMZ says security came over and tossed a bunch of these jabronies out of the stadium.

Only in Philadelphia: Ten Takeaways from Eagles 43, Rams 35

Kevin Kinkead - December 11, 2017

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Only in Philadelphia would a brilliant, come-from-behind, playoff-clinching win be met with utter despondency and despair.

Alas, here we are, with Nick Foles leading the Eagles into the playoffs as NFC East champions, because the superstar starting quarterback (reportedly) tore his ACL on the same drive in which he also set the franchise record for most passing touchdowns in a single season.

I regret using the term “Pyrrhic” in my Week 1 story and should have saved it for this game instead, because the term really can’t be defined any better. The cost of the win makes it feel like a wash. It seems pointless to talk about nine other takeaways when Carson Wentz suffers a serious injury, but we’re just gonna have to suck it up and move on with our lives.

So where’s your head this morning? Are you a believer? Can a backup quarterback take this team to the Super Bowl?

Or is the season lost? Do the Birds fold and flame out down the stretch? Do you become a grumpy loser who can’t be arsed to change your underwear or take a shower?

Listen, this team can take care of these other NFC donkeys at home in January. Nobody should be scared about hosting the Saints, Vikings, or Rams in Philly. Tom Brady in the Super Bowl is another story, but stranger things have happened. If Brad Johnson and Trent Dilfer can lift the Lombardi Trophy, then anybody can. It’s time to roll out of bed and seize the day. Carpe Diem. Continue Reading

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Watch as Rams Fans Try, Pathetically, to Sell Themselves on Nick Foles

Jim Adair - August 31, 2015

Photo Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Photo Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

When a trade is made in any sport, there’s always the need of a fan base to believe they got the better end of it. No matter what. A fan’s mind will stretch so far to justify what the people they trust did, that they’ll come to accept (and even celebrate) someone’s flaws because they can’t accept that they got taken. [Kyle displayed this mindset last year when he wrote glowingly about Mark Sanchez being an “alpha male” celebrity quarterback… and then made a t-shirt about it.]

It’s still the preseason, but Eagles fans are on board after Sam Bradford’s 10-for-10 showing on Saturday night. That leaves Rams fans with Nick Foles, and trying to justify why the trade was good for them. The Rams SB Nation site, Turf Show Times, is trying so hard they’ve lost their grip on reality:

“Nick Foles isn’t the Nick Foles who ever took the field in Philadelphia; not in his rookie year, or in 2014. He’s better. Yes, I said BETTER! There’s something happening with Foles, and I think it has to do with the leadership light blinking to life in his soul. This guy is tougher than I ever thought, and the type of quarterback his teammates can believe in. I’m not bashing Sam Bradford here. I was – and still am – a fan of the lanky, injury scared former Oklahoma/St. Louis fan favorite. But while Bradford’s arm may be stronger than Foles, I don’t think he ever had what anyone would call amazing leadership qualities with his teammates. They all liked him, and what’s not to like, right? Foles is a different cat altogether. Soft spoken when he arrived, he now has a tenor to his voice I love hearing.

Foles throws passes with more faith; to receivers he believes in. In a way, the Rams receiver corp and Foles are a perfect fit. They both haven’t garnered much respect in the media, and are in the enviable position of benefiting from a lack of expectations. Every Rams receiver has the base talent to be in the NFL, but they’ve never been in a position to shine. Bradford relied on pin-point, “you-better-be-there”, passes. Small catch windows in tight coverage were the norm. If a pass was completed, everyone hailed Bradford’s accuracy. But life isn’t accurate at all, and relying on it is a fool’s errand at best. Foles reads coverage, then throws to an option filled zone for his receivers. His passes have just enough arc on them to help receiver gain the position they need. Bradford throws a flatter ball, and will flourish in Philly – sans injury – due to a system which depends on a ball be in an EXACT place in each of his reads and check-down options.”

You know what? It’s entirely possible Foles never felt comfortable here, on a bigger stage, and is now gaining some confidence in little ol’ St. Louis. But trying to argue that Foles is a better fit for Rams receivers because he’s a less accurate passer? That doesn’t even begin to touch on making sense. If making sense is the Lombardi trophy, that pro-Foles argument is Dan Snyder. Never the twain shall meet.

But even worse than the “Foles is better because he’s worse and that’s what we need” argument, is the next sentence, which attempts to preeminently strike against people who will say this is ridiculous:

“When the Rams sort out their offensive line issues, and get their ground attack moving, Foles will flourish in a way stats won’t explain…”

So Foles will be better because he’s a worse passer, but don’t try to prove me wrong, because he’ll be better in a way that defies statistics and logic. All hail King Foles, he without accuracy, who has no use for your puny statistics.

[h/t @Southern_Philly]

UniDiction 2011: Week 1 – Eagles vs. Rams

Dan Fuller - September 11, 2011


Look for me on Twitter (@dancfuller) where I'll likely have a few uniform-related updates during today's games.

And we’re back. After three forays into Phillies throwbacks, we find ourselves back in the UniDiction wheelhouse… football uniforms. 

For catching up’s sake, the Eagles had no uniform-related news this off-season. No throwbacks like last year (boo) or 2007 (count your blessings), so it’s likely we’ll see the Black jerseys at some point, likely around Halloween (maybe against the Cowboys on October 30, though they may wear White to invoke the Blue Jersey Curse) or late November. For non-Eagles news, the Bills have an all-new uniform set, getting rid of their CFL/XFL-inspired disasters (quick review: they’re great, but why no Blue pants?), and the Giants supposedly have throwbacks to the 80s era, but they’ve yet to be announced. There have been rumblings about the Giants adopting throwbacks since they eliminated their Red alternates after the 2007 season but still no (official) confirmation in that direction. 

The (potentially) big news which will likely amount to very little is that 2011 is the last season of the Reebok uniform contract, and Nike gets the NFL in 2012. And, gosh, if they did this to Oregon, what will they do to my team?! Relax, it’s the NFL, not a bunch of loosely affiliated colleges trying to appeal to 16 and 17 year old recruits. Maybe some of the teams with that dreaded-for-marketing purposes combination of modern-yet-stale designs and recent futility (Broncos, Seahawks – who've hinted at re-designs for next year) will go the re-design route. Though there's always the risk of a team following the 2009 Jaguars and fixing something that wasn’t broken because it will be easier to re-define the corporate brand in terms of PMS numbers and visual identity than actually creating a “tradition of winning”, don’t expect any crazy Nike NCAA silliness like “Stealth Numbers” (hint: I actually like the effect), team-branded glovescamouflage, dye sublimation (think: anything with a gradient), or the like on an NFL team near you, especially not the Eagles, who have well-liked modern uniforms as well as a whole bunch of winning seasons within easy memory. 

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