Chase Utley Resorting to Voodoo, For Realsies


Those California kids are just… different.

According to various tweets from Phillies writers Ryan Lawrence (@ryanlawrence21) and Todd Zolecki (@toddzolecki), Chase Utley has an odd assortment of bats, banana peels, an orange, an apple, a can of Red Bull, and dip laid in front of his locker.


First we find out Jayson Werth saw a wizard with the Dodgers, now this?  It's either a weird prank, or Chasey is going all Serrano on us.  

Upon seeing Utley's display, JC Romero said, "I believe in God, I don't believe in that shit."

Where is So Taguchi when you need him so he can come by and tell Chase he has no marbles?


  1. Hey, everyone’s entitled to their own beliefs. If it helps him, go for it then. A lot of people display statues of saints, crystals, angel figures, Native American symbols…. whatever. It’s a free country! It’s just a belief in some power higher than themself!

  2. at this point, they’ll try anything. ha ha

  3. Don’t they/he have to kill a chicken or something?

  4. they just need some sacred geometry in the locker room lol. no but for real it was the dip.

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    Chase Utley Resorting to Voodoo, For Realsies – Crossing Broad

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