Video: Brent Celek is Outstanding in Captain Morgan Commercial

A little fine from the NFL for doing the the Captain pose in the endzone wasn't enough to stop Brent Celek from partaking in commercials with El Capitan.

Apparently shot this past week in Dallas, Celek is in a new full-of-win commercial with The Captain.

When we interviewed Celek back in May, he was a bit more bashful about his relationship with rum drink:

CB: Last year, you were penalized for taking part in the Captain Morgan pose.  Is the league’s stance on celebrations too harsh in your opinion?

A: I don’t think so. I understand where they are coming from, especially because of what was being represented and if there are rules, you have to live by them I’m fine with that.

CB: How do you drink your Captain?

A: Haha, no comment.

Be bashful no more, Mr. Under Utilized NFL Tight End Man, you have a little Captain in you.

Hop it for the video.


As part of it's One Million Poses campaign, for every Captain pose uploaded to it's Facebook page, Captain Morgan will donate $1 to the First Mate Fund, which benefits various non profits.

Here's my submission, taken last May. I know, I know- colossal douchebag. It's for charity, dicks.



  1. Nice, that was well done.

  2. One of the Captains is my neighbor! He is awesome, he has the real hair and beard. If you ever need a Captain by your side, ask for Captain Mike.

  3. Pleeeeeeeeeeeease stop with this “full of win” stuff, it’s retarded.

  4. Yes! Can we start calling him Captain Celek? We need a nickname for the beast!
    How can you stop something from being full of win when it’s soooo full of win? This is a big, smelly, sticky, stanky bag full of win right here!

  5. faggot

  6. Are you even old enough to be in a liqour store? Jeebus I’m getting old.

  7. So let me get this straight, Brent Celeck met the Captain and they went to a shitty hotel room together? Weird.

  8. Lime Bite though? Atleast its half drank before you even left the store.

  9. I’m 27- and yeah lime bite, throw that in with a little cola of your choice, fanfuckingtastic

  10. Limebite is weak bro…you gotta go with the private stock…that shit is delicious

  11. Celek = poser (literally)
    But what’s with the wussy “no comment” crap, Brent? Real men admit to boozing it up!
    Also, laddie, real men don’t wear girlie flip-flops into the liquor store.

  12. Getting old is only in our mind.
    Age never prevented people from doing things:

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