Hunter Pence Interview with Intentional Talk

Screen Shot 2011-08-19 at 12.59.56 PM
Here's Pence's full interview with Chris Rose and Kevin Millar yesterday. As first reported right hither, Pence is indeed living with his folks.


  1. He really IS the most majestically awkward fellow I have ever laid eyes on. It’s glourious…

  2. this guy is fun…WOW…pure fun!!! down to earth dude!!! i’d hang w/ the dude any day!!

  3. No wonder everybody loves the Pence. As if the Philly clubhouse wasn’t fun enough..Haliday told us…(gonna get funner)

  4. Hunter will be forever loved in this city.

  5. Hey b, let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. Perpetual love is only given to those who bring us a parade.

  6. “Pence is indeed living with his folks.”
    Hey Laddie Boy, you and LGE-HP3 should get together and go bowling then. Hahahahahahah

  7. I think I just may have to change my name…

  8. Pence could just be the most adorable thing in baseball.

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