Evan Turner Continues His Lockout College Tour

Screen Shot 2011-09-29 at 2.40.01 PM

This comes from reader Ian, who snapped a pic of Beaker at the seemingly contradictorily named White Girl Wednesdays at the Draught House on Temple’s Campus last night.

Somewhere, Jeff Carter and Mike Richards have gone into jealous rages. That’s our scene!

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  1. sushi is good for you evan!

  2. Fat drunk n stupid

    September 29, 2011 at 3:21 pm

    Me so horny!

  3. Asian ho’s love that black night stick he carrys in his pants pathetic

  4. He was taking pics with basically everyone in the bar. (I know because I was there and my friend got a picture with him)

  5. people like mashed potatoes give white people a bad rap…good job you racist

  6. mashed potatoes, i’m sorry for your mother. he’s taking a picture at a bar, i suggest you get out more

  7. Random comment, but does anyone else think Hunter Pence looks like a white version of Evan Turner?

  8. Im pretty sure you’re the ugly gook in the picture..you need to get that nigger night stick out of you’re mouth

  9. hey i go to temple…. schaweet!

  10. TEMPLE……………that is all.

  11. mashed potatoes sounds racist

  12. What is wrong with you mashed potatoes? This chick is obviously very cute and was probably just getting a picture with an nba basketball player. You must lead a pretty pathetic life if you keep returning to a non-story article to output your bigoted pollution.

  13. SMH @ mashed potatoes

  14. The one night I decide to be sober, is the night ET shows up. Cool.

  15. I can see mash p throwing a banana @ a flyers game this season

  16. @mashed potatoes I fuck tall, slim white girls. Go ahead…call me a nigger.

  17. Bryan…you’re a nigger I would throw a watermelon at you if I saw you on the street…you deserve nothing more then to be tied to a pickup truck and dragged all over nigger infested west philly…that’s all I got to say white power

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