Video: Ray Didinger Chides Marcus Hayes

At around 5:30 yesterday, while I remained away from my computer (the way I had much of the afternoon), I received a phone call, a couple of texts, and a Tweet. What about, you ask? “Ray Didinger and Marcus Hayes just got into a fight on Daily News Live!”

Immediately upon hearing this news, I thought that maybe it went something like this (two old guys fighting).

It didn’t.

I then thought that perhaps it involved race (always a possibility, since Hayes rarely likes white people).

Wrong again.

Naturally, as I’d imagine is the case with most R. Diddy tussles, it involved the Eagles’ running game, and it turned not to be a fight at all. Hayes and Diddy disagreed on the effectiveness of the Eagles’ run game. Hayes, as per the usual, blew hard through the air pocket most of us call the mouth. Didinger subtly poked Mark, as he called him, and then, like a parent scolding a misinformed child, issued a request: “Please, don’t roll your eyes at me, OK?"

Dick Jerardi and his wattle looked like they wanted to slither off set. Barkann and his iPad, of course, were as cool as cucumbers. Mike knows good TV when he sees it.


  1. I saw this on Comcast too and it was priceless…good for Ray..can’t stand Marcus Hayes and his usual pompous attitude and ego (remember when he got into it with Michael Barkann and he wasn’t on the show for awhile???) He was totally monopolizing the conversation and flapping his lips…glad Ray put him in his place (although it really didn’t shut him up)! No one even comes close to the knowledge that Ray has for football so Marcus should just zip it!

  2. Uhhhh. Was this article lifted from the 700level without permission? Im like 90% sure it was

  3. Johnny is a retard that doesn’t understand how blogging works and posts THE SAME COMMENT over and over and over. (By the way…why are you always 90% sure?)

  4. Marcus Hayes is an absolute clown.
    @DD the Barkann fight was glorious.

  5. Deezy
    How do you know it was me.

  6. Stop using my handle, Johnny!

  7. Why does ANYONE get remotely upset at this point? Not worth the time (this team I mean)…

  8. Marcus Hayes is the biggest douche ever. he sucks balls

  9. Ray Didinger, y u trynna keep a brutha down?

  10. 2011- The Year of the Philly Media Fights

  11. Tom Evans- The Animal

    November 30, 2011 at 9:36 am

    Marcus Hayes= pompous a-hole. Kind of like David Murphy

  12. Ray Diddy is the man

  13. Where’s your coverage of the Syracuse (and ESPN) scandal? Or you don’t hate them like you hate Penn State?

  14. R Diddy cries too much about the running game..

  15. The REAL Ron Noel

    November 30, 2011 at 10:32 am


  16. Ron, you have to have full blown aids by now

  17. “barkann and his ipad” lol

  18. Haynes is the same guy that same that Hamels needed to go to the bullpen…guys a d-bag

  19. “Don’t roll your eyes at me, pussy.”

  20. Marcus Hayes is a pompous douchebag. Barkann absolutely raped him that time, I thought Marcus was going to cry.

  21. I DESPISE Marcus Hayes, but in this case, he was correct. There were a ton of plays to be made in the passing game against NE, and VY was atrocious.

  22. Marcus hayes is a jackass….. he has gotten into fights with everybody on this show over the years. he blows as a writer and he blows ass as a commentator….. i wish they would be done with him and smallwood…. but whatever i dont like Hayes so i guess im bias

  23. Ray Didinger has forgotten more about football than a smacked ass like Hayes who mistakenly believes he’s God’s gift to journalism ever learn. I’m waiting for the day someone punches Hayes right in his smug face right on the set.


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