Jayson Werth at Flyers-Capitals Game

Here's our old friend, now foe, Jayson Werth, sitting in the first row at last night's Flyers-Capitals game in D.C.

Last time we saw him seated this closely, the Flyers were playing in the Stanley Cup Finals and Werth was in full Flyers gear. Last night, Nats blogger Cheryl Nichols asked Werth who he was pulling for: "Going neutral tonight."

Reader Jared, who sent us the picture, saw differently:

I sat in the same row as Werth at tonight's Flyers game in DC. Thats his wife next to him. Very chill, and chatted with the fans around him. Pounded the glass when Caps scored in third period.


Well then, perhaps it was a good thing he wasn't pulling for the Flyers last night… his hand would have been sore from all that pounding.

Other wistful Phillies news: One year ago today, most of you awoke to news of the Cliff Lee signing. See our full coverage from that day here.


  1. No wonder why the Caps got their asses kicked. #BlameWerth

  2. aaaah Cliff Lee memories <3
    Whose this Jayson Werth person being mentioned?

  3. at least Richie still openly supports the Phils.

  4. Bloggers are gay

  5. Jason who? At flyers game? ……

  6. His wife is probably texting Chase Utley

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