You Are Actually Watching The Sixers

image from www.csnphilly.comDance, puppets. Dance.

Holy shit, you’re watching basketball. I mean, we’re writing about it now, but I wasn’t sure if you were actually watching– you are. Most of you.

According to a CSN press release, Sixers ratings are up significantly through the first 10 games of the season. Broadcasts are averaging a 2.4 household rating, which is a 60% increase over the first 10 games of last season.

Last night’s game against the Knicks – 3.6 rating (108,000 households) – was the highest-rated regular season game since Allen Iverson’s return in 2009.

Now, to water down your hoops boner for just a second… the Flyers' highest-rated regular season game this year (and ever) on CSN achieved a 5.1 rating (155,000 households), and the Phillies averaged a 9.1 rating (276,000 households) this season.

Still, though, baby steps for the Sixers. And what’s more fascinating is that people are sticking around to watch Jim Lynam growl at them– Postgame Live ratings are up 50% over last year.

Somewhere, Adam Aron is celebrating like UBS executives upon finding out that The Howard Beale Show won the ratings war.


  1. Wouldn’t it be nice to include the average ratings for both? “During the 2010-11 season, Flyers games averaged a 2.4 rating on Comcast SportsNet and a 2.0 rating on The Comcast Network” … same rating.

  2. damn. phillies bringing in the ratings

  3. John Nash already growing his playoff beard.

  4. They should thank Andy Reid, after this Eagles season watching a young team with heart is very refreshing. The Flyers seem like their usual up and down selves to me so far and the playoffs are a light year away, so go Sixers for now.

  5. Kyle wants in with the sixers owners so bad with all these posts

  6. yeah, i must have written the ones about how awful the mascots were and making fun of the lighting initiatives in error.

  7. Kyle sure does take a lot of abuse. Sure, he may be a transvestite streetwalker on the weekends, but aside from that I think this blog is pretty entertaining.

  8. It goes to show how big the Phillies are–twice the games and three times the ratings per game.
    Notwithstanding, great job so far by the Sixers and Adam “Kish mein tuchas” Aron.

  9. Loving this Sixers team.
    If we wanna talk as much shit as we do about being a great sportstown, then people need start acting like a four for four guy.

  10. I have my four philly teams and the 6ers aren’t one of them

  11. Nobody cares about soccer you stupid wetback

  12. Nba is a joke

  13. We don't need your support fools

    January 12, 2012 at 7:48 pm

    NBA might be a joke but the Sixers are deying what is generally wrong about the league (need superstar etc). Why not just enjoy good team basketball? I couldn’t disagree more…the Sixers are good and the NBA is just fine considering the lockout and all. To all the fans who hate the NBA, why are reading and posting about it? Idiots…

  14. Fuck y’all who don’t like the sixers. Their a pure team

  15. Actually, right now I’m watching the Flyers lead the Islanders using CSN’s feed on NHL GameCenter Live. 1st intermission though…

  16. Fuck u Iron Balls McPussy

  17. ill fuck anybody

  18. That’s my line

  19. U wish u could get fucked at all, DJ Flunka. Same for Ron Noelle.
    Now bugger off you wee-nubbed wankerers and let the grown-ups post.

  20. Nice to see IBM back

  21. Jim Lynam fucking blows

  22. PS:
    Yes, I do get a lot of Irish cunt. But I don’t disscriminate by race or nationalitty. It’s all pink inside.

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