Now Former Ranger Sean Avery “Retired” From Hockey on a Web-Only Bravo Show While Seated Next to Nicole Richie

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Sean Avery, who was let go by the Rangers last week, made his hockey intentions clear on What Happens Live’s web-only aftershow last night. [via Puck Daddy]

Avery: I am officially retired. I threw my skates in the Hudson. [points to Nicole Richie] It’s the river out here… 

Nicole Richie: I thought you meant Kate Hudson.


This is exactly the way I would have imagined Sean Avery’s illustrious career coming to an end: by announcing his “retirement” on a web-only offering of a women’s television network with a flamboyant host and Nicole Richie. Really, I couldn’t have imagined it any other way. 

The funny thing is, Avery didn’t really retire… he was more or less fired by the Rangers and their entire organization. And, sadly, he didn’t throw his skates in the Hudson, either. His agent said that part was a joke. But Avery is finished… when he's done collecting a check from the Rangers.

Video after the jump (4:25 mark).


  1. Is this Sports news worthy enough to steal from Puck Daddy?

  2. 3 Finger Lenny

    March 13, 2012 at 3:38 pm

    Holgram & Eddie Boy Snider should talk Avery out of retirment & sign him for the stretch run. He’s got that mad dawg in him that the flyers are lacking

  3. what a shame

  4. Snider is way too cheap to sign him

  5. I agree. Bring Avery in. They need his toughness. But I guarantee that cheap ass Snider won’t do it.

  6. @captain jack & hot bud
    , excuse me but mr. snider is not cheap & Avery is a locker room cancer. you guys need to get a clue!!

  7. I’m sorry I even took the time to watch that. Avery is such a waste.

  8. Iron Balls McGinty

    March 13, 2012 at 8:19 pm

    Avery is a Jo

  9. he is a good man.fighting.

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