The Flyers Lost Game 5 and, Yes, Now You Can Panic

Screen Shot 2012-04-21 at 10.35.18 AMThis is what happens when Comcast keeps showing gratuitous shots of its new money dump, via (@Borntoreign88) and everyone else who sent in screen grabs

Now it’s time. Now you can press the panic button

Only one other time in history have the Flyers taken a 3-0 series lead and been forced to play a Game 6– the year was 1975, when the Flyers beat the Islanders 4-1 in Game 7 of the semifinals en route to the Stanley Cup.

Last night’s Game 5 was fairly straightforward: It was a mostly well-played game from both sides, but a sleepy second period from the Flyers and Marc-Andre Fleury’s goaltending was the difference in the Penguins’ 3-2 win. At times, during the end of the second period and beginning of the third, the Penguins looked stronger and faster than the Flyers. It’s hard to explain, but the O and B lacked jam. The Penguins won most of the small battles, were a step quicker to the puck, and generally seemed to anticipate the Flyers’ every move. The drought didn’t last long, as eventually the Flyers found their way to Fleury, who was unbelievable, but that 10-15 minute stretch may have been the difference in the game.

The Flyers losing a road game 3-2 shouldn’t be the reason you press the panic button, though. They played well enough to win. They just lost a close playoff hockey game. It happens. What should panic you, and the reason why my fingers are currently performing Stomp atop a mythical button, is the fact that the Penguins have seemingly found their game. In the last two contests, they’ve been opportunistic, tightened up their defense, and, when they've had breakdowns, Fleury has been there to bail them out. Take, for example, Danny Briere’s missed opportunity here:

That goes in during Games 1-3. It goes in against female Ryan Miller last year. It goes in against most goalies. Playoff Danny Briere and his soft hands don’t flub that opportunity. 

You should panic because the Penguins of Games 4 and 5 are certainly capable of winning four-straight games. The team that we saw for the first three games of the series wasn’t. 

Now, before hyperventilating into a brown paper bag, let’s enjoy some of the nonsensical moments from last night’s Game 5.

– Is it just me, or do we see Steve Sullivan’s o-face every time he scores a goal?

Screen Shot 2012-04-21 at 10.40.04 AM

That’s not natural, man. That’s not excitement… that’s the face of a guy who cries after sex. Stop it, Steve. Stop it.

– Claude Giroux, who poked Penguins fans before the game (figuratively… no one would want to stick it in a diseased Yinzer), continued with his prodding during the pre-game skate:

Well played, Claude.

– Evgeni Malkin leveled Sidney Crosby last night. If you need to compare that to a real-life scenario, it would be like O.J. Simpson shooting Casey Anthony– you finally get video evidence of The Juice committing a crime, and you really don’t care that the victim got shot on national television.


via (@xamanduh)

– Here's Malkin's dirty hit on Sean Couturier:

Somehow, Brooks Orpik sitting on top of James van Riemsdyk wasn’t a penalty. It makes you wonder about the NHL’s incentive to get the series to a – nationally televised – Game 6. Last week’s Game 3, on NBC, drew the highest non-Stanley Cup Final rating in 10 years.

Of course, JVR plays the game with the testicular fortitude of a children’s sing-along toy. So it’s possible that other players would have fought their way right through this.

– Claude Giroux on the loss:

Your full game highlights:


  1. Not panicking until they lose game 6.
    Supposedly the national feed had a few seconds of Giroux going apeshit on a goal after the game was over.

  2. Here is the video of Giroux pissed…right around the 4:51 mark.

  3. Penguins Fan who goes to Temple*****-

    April 21, 2012 at 11:16 am

    Whoever wins game 6 will win the series.
    Fluery stole that game last night. He’s got his cup swagger back.
    BTW flyers D played their asses off last night

  4. A correction should be made in paragraph 2/3?? game 6 hasnt been played yet.

  5. No need to panic, this is the series we thought it would be. You couldn’t expect the Penguins to lay down.
    I’m glad Giroux was as pissed as I was when the game was over.

  6. when will they play a complete fucking game?
    2nd period was torture.
    wayne simmonds looked like he had no idea what he was doing last night, matt read was brutal on the pk last night too.
    enough is enough, start playing some jam.
    malkin is hands down one of the biggest cheap shots in the league, dude is a weasel.

  7. I have always said that Malkin is one of the softest big men in all of pro sports… he obviously wants to add dirtiest to the resume. And why not? Short of bringing a Glock (sp?) on the ice and taking out Coots execution style, Shanny will continue to look the other way. That said, O&B need to close this out tomorrow or it might be a very loooooong off-season.

  8. ParadeDownBroad

    April 21, 2012 at 12:15 pm

    Briere really shat the bed last night. Yea, he had a really sick pass to Hartnell, but he was torched in the neutral zone. Check out Staal’s goal. Winger comes up and draws the D with him along the boards when Staal swings in behind to get the homerun pass. Briere? Standing in the middle of the ice.

  9. I love Kyle saying everyone should panic. Give me a fucking break. This series is still coming back home and the Flyers played well last night. Calm the fuck down everyone.

  10. Pintrest is Gay

    April 21, 2012 at 1:34 pm

    Parade tough to blame Danny on that gooal. Did you see where Coburn and his enormous beak was? on the wrong side of the red line.

  11. Series is over and done with. Bryz can’t stop a beach ball

  12. Malkin is a pussy. That hit on coots is suspension worthy. Targeting the head of an unsuspecting player. What a fucking joke. Torres gets 25 games for the same shit malkin and Neal are doing every night

  13. Give credit where credit is due. Fleury stole the game in the 3rd period. if it wasn’t for him we’d be talking about round 2.
    Is it time to panic? Not yet. Wait until the end of game 6 to either panic or celebrate.

  14. 3 Finger Lenny

    April 21, 2012 at 2:33 pm

    I blame Eddie “xfinity live” Snider if they lose this series.
    Edward Murph has been preaching the equipment problems for months & I for 1 is now on board with him. Hard to overcome your top defenseman out with concussions.
    Hey Eddie boy is probably as happy as a pig in shit it’s going to a game 6 & more xfinity $$$ in his cheap pockets

  15. Did anyone else notice the one time when they scanned xfinity live, and there was some douche flexing and kissing his bicep??? The “guy” looked like a total toolbag, and I was seriously wondering if it was Rob House. Then I realized the guy wasn’t on all 4’s sucking off every dude there, so I figured it couldn’t be RH.

  16. Everyone chill, the Flyers got this!

  17. I been playing mac miller knock knocks all day
    Flyers win 5-1 Sunday

  18. Laviolette must go… I’m sick of seeing a team in dissaray, undiciplined, and to be frank, playing some of the dumbest hockey I’ve watched in over 40 years.
    This team is an embarassassment to every player that’s ever worn the Orange and Black.
    They’re hardly ever ready to start a game. Give up in the last minute of almost every period, skate like they’re on sand or stop skating all together, and outside of Giroux, have no ice vision and do not know wher their team mates are or how to get them the puck. And if they’re not being forced into turnovers, they simply give the puck away.
    They bring the puck up the ice in slow motion and for most of EVERY game I’ve seen..and I’ve only missed a handful the last few years, play with no sense of urgency.
    Most of the time this team looks like it’s in a chinese fire drill.
    Lavy has never taught the team a system and no one has any responsibility. He’s an absolutely horrible teaching coach.
    I’ve never, I mean I’ve never seen another coach call their time out in the 1st few minutes of a game on a regular basis like Lavy does just to get the team under control. A disgrace..simply disgusting…
    Homer, cut your losses and fire Lavy. Dump Lilja, Shelly, and Carle as fast as you can. And if someone will take 1/2 his contract, pay the other half, bite the bullet and get that friggin russian moonman out of here. Search the globe if you need to and find a goalie that doesn’t play the game on his knees in that god awful butterfly stlye used by 90% of the goalies in the league.
    Find someone with quick feet and a quick mind and let him have a weekend at Bernies.

  19. Mr. Lenny, I am thrilled to have you on board operation safety. If you are at the game tomorrow please take a moment out of your schedule to stop over and sign the petition. We are closing in on 100,000 signatures! Just look for the picket signs
    Also, I am beginning to suspect that the medical community is in the pockets of the NHL, especially Eddie Snider who only cares about making a buck. I will do some digging

  20. @ Eduardo Murphy
    Where you folks going to be tomorrow. I’d like to jump on board. I’ve always suspected that the medical community was somehow involved here. That cheap ass Ed Snider has been pulling this crap since the 80s. Frankly, I’m sick of it. I’m going to start digging too.

  21. I can’t stop turning the puck over. I am sorry Flyers fans.

  22. Out of Whack Jacks

    April 21, 2012 at 4:48 pm

    I hate to say it & mean no disrespect at all but the flyers will never win a cup while Mr. Xfinty Live Snider is living. He’s the Al Davis of the NHL

  23. @Jenny, get back in the kitchen before I knock another one of your teeth out.

  24. @ Mr. Jack
    Last game we started out front of X finity Live since that is the hotbed for enabling this greed and where all the money was spent rather than on safety, before moving on to the front of the arena. We would be more than happy to welcome you aboard. We are looking for as many people as possible to make a stand. I am hoping that I can reach out to Mr. Pronger to get him on board as well. I have uncovered some evidence that it actually dates back to the late 70s. More to come.

  25. ^^^^^^This guy’s a tool.
    Hey Chirp aka Chris Sabol aka DDMFD , be a man and say what you have to say under your own handel. Don’t go hiding behind a stupid moniker DDMFD. I was at X Finity live – b@lls deep in pu$$y just like I will be tomorrow. Show up tomorrow and try not to cockblock me like you did in college. If you do, your going to get hit with a brick.
    House Prediction – Pens 5 goals on 22 shots- flyers 2 goals on 28 shots. Again Goaltending the difference
    Also enough of the safety stuff. These guys have to man up plain and simple

  26. Rob House will be balls deep in hairy man ass while another dude is sucking on his man tits, lemonparty style.

  27. Jenny- time to pick up the pizza you ordered!

  28. I am predicting that I turn the puck over 6 times tomorrow. Sorry in advance.

  29. The pussy @ xfinty live

    April 21, 2012 at 10:53 pm

    The weather is going to be an xfinty live cock-block tomorrow

  30. Chirp is a clueless fuck on his bryz assessment.
    Edward Murphy’s equipment obsession isn’t too healthy boss

  31. @Rob House…I dont post under any other name. Sorry man I am not that lame.
    Believe it or not other people think your a waste of life piece of shit. Not hard to believe man you got kicked off a club college team because everyone hated you.
    I said I was done with you before, I am not dealing with your dumb ass. Your a fake. Your a Rangers Yankees fan trying to make friends with people on here and nobody cares.
    I post under only one name and if I want to insult you I will do so under this name. I do not need to hide behind a different handle.
    Go fuck yourself you fat fuck. You have never touched a pussy in your life. Your a piece of trash…

  32. As for the game…
    The Flyers played a typical away game. They sat back and played D and a couple turnovers killed them.
    Why did they sit back? Because they know they cannot gun with the Pens and they were missing grossman. Also in case your not familiar with strategy in hockey one of the strategies is to sit back when your the away team and only jump on the opportunities handed to you. Hence the low shot totals. Keep the game close then go all out late to try and take the lead (or tie in our case).
    They did that in the 3rd and dominated. Fleury made some saves, briere pulled a Jeff Carter…
    Blame bryz its the easy way out. Dont blame Simmonds for crossing infront of him on the 3rd goal, coburn pitching and giving up a 2 on 1 to the hottest pen scorer, or the PK for leaving letang WIDE open in the slot and then letting him make a pass to a wide open sullivan…

  33. Nice comeback on that moron chirp!!
    Where has the pens fan who attends temple been? Another idiot

  34. Rob house is a house

  35. Thomas E Merschen

    April 22, 2012 at 12:47 am

    Chirp just fucked Rob House up. Everyone knows I’m not the biggest chirp fan and that I staunchly disagree with his goaltending assessments. But let’s face it, chirp does know the game, unlike this dumb and supposedly fat Rob House.
    Also, Fast Ed Murphy….
    What the fuck are you doing? Get a life bro. Picketing for safer equipment??? I saw you assholes outside of game 3 and was wondering what was going on. You and the 2 people with you are hippy losers. If I see you tomorrow, your getting suckered. Then I will crack your head open with the wood used to hold up your picket sign. Get a fuking life man. This is a sports blog, people get hurt in sports.

  36. Edward has a passion

  37. I wish Jenny would make me a sangwich before the game

  38. Jenny….how did the Flyers look finishing off the Penguins SOUNDLY today?
    Not only are you probably trolling, but the time you took to write that garbage must mean you have FAR too much free time….
    Jenny if you are a girl….get back in the kitchen or sucking off some dude, thats all you are probably good at….

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