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Now I’m nervous.

Yesterday I was excited about meaningful baseball… today I’m nervous that I’m going to be sitting in a puddle of shame like a jilted lover, on or around September 28, as the Phils bow gracefully out of the Wild Card race. Like Christina Aguilera and her aging breasts, my body’s saying let’s go… but my heart is saying no. 

Yeah, I feel like this. Don’t judge:


The Cardinals lost last night and reader Ryan’s Wild Card tracker tells me that the Phillies would need to go 14-6 if the Cardinals finish 10-10:

Screen Shot 2012-09-12 at 8.57.40 AM

I’ll breakdown the risks of getting back on board later today.


Last night Jimmy Rollins made Marlins catcher Rob Brantly pay for dropping a foul popup. J-Roll™ crushed the next pitch, as his swing oh so suddenly looks like that beautiful 2007 slide-step version.

Sarge was on his game with his analysis of J-Roll’s™ home run, but I had a disturbing realization: if the Phillies complete this comeback, Tom McCarthy is going to be the one to narrate it. I don’t think he has the words to do it. Literally. I don’t think he has the vocabulary to fully describe what would be a silly comeback… and that makes me sad. Kind of like how Tim felt when T-Mac tried to game-show-host his way through a 9/11 discussion:

Screen Shot 2012-09-12 at 9.03.30 AM

Finally, congrats to Jordan (and his patient girlfriend) for their (?) win in our NHL 12 tournament at Drinker’s West:

Screen Shot 2012-09-12 at 8.52.15 AM
Jordan took home a copy of NHL 13… and his girlfriend took home a stranger who’s going to be locked in a room for the next four months trying to master True Performance Skating.

Morning Wood returns when the lead is cut to three.


  1. You got that right!

    September 12, 2012 at 9:23 am

    Morning Wood returns tomorrow then? Are we axing the End of Days bullshit nonsense until the season is over now? We just made up like 40 games in 2 weeks. This team is winning the World Series!

  2. Shits getting real

    September 12, 2012 at 9:28 am

    Just get me in the damn dance. Doc…Lee…Hamels. Just get me there.

  3. There is no risk, either be a fan or not.
    I don’t get the winging voiced “oh no my wittle heart might get broken if i admit i care”. Being a fan means you are into a team that has a 1 in 30 chance of winning.

  4. Talbot's Fucking Penis

    September 12, 2012 at 9:31 am

    That Tim Chicirda is a piece of shit…

  5. I’m all in! Go Phillies!!!

  6. we still have Franzke… on the radio

  7. Kyle – stop hating on the Phils – you’re gonna jump on the band wagon soon enough – everyone saw how you jumped off .. and it was annoying
    Phils are gonna do this – Keep the Phaith

  8. That marlins catcher looks like the bartender Matt from the Morrell Tavern. Also I ‘d whack that blonde

  9. That blonde is cute but she’s got a ring on her middle finger. she’s munchin rug on the side when she gets away from backwards hat video game master man…that’s hot.

  10. The “risk” is what makes someone a real fan, Kyle. It’s what makes people so excited about the game and act like the fate of the world hinges on the outcome. I’m not even sure if risk is even the right word, but without the risk of feeling like you could hit by a bag of bricks when your team loses, there can be no GENUINE sense of satisfaction when your team wins. Just admit that baseball’s a long season, you fucked up by prematurely declaring it the end of days, and that they have a very real shot of coming back this year, or next. I’m not really sure why most people are that shocked either, this would be historic but over the past couple of season’s hasn’t this team earned the right to be believed in? Go Phillies! I’ve been all in all season and felt like shit most of the year, but this kind of excitement and risk is the reason I watch.

  11. Eric Bruntlett's Grey Beard

    September 12, 2012 at 10:42 am

    the trend in sports over the last five years or so is the hot team who sneaks in wins it all (See NYG, SFGiants, STLCards, LAKings) the phils awful first half which was due to injured players might have been the best thing to happen to this team….still a lot of work but i like are chances pitching pitching pitching….. christina was smokin hot back in the day but nowadays she looks like the type a chick you can bone in drinkers basement at 2 am after a NHL 13 tourney

  12. how many times do you think that dudes GF got fingered while he was busy playing the tourney?

  13. I was at the game last night, and when the catcher dropped the ball I turned to my wife and said, “He’s gonna crush the next one” and BOOM! The ballpark was sizzling last night– the wave went around 5 times in the 6th/7th inning. Glad they held on to the win.

  14. 4 o’clock start. Not a coincidence.

  15. Yo Rob, keep it clean buddy

  16. Get the morning wood ready

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