A Daily News Article Raises a New Question About the “Unknown Liquid” Found in Garrett Reid’s Room: Steroids?

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This could be bad. Or, an opinion put forth by a “law-enforcement source” may lead to a most unfortunate insinuation.

At a press conference yesterday, Northampton County officials continually referred to 19 vials of an unknown liquid that were found in a gym bag in Garrett Reid’s dorm room at Lehigh. The bag also contained over 100 needles and syringes. The common assumption was that those things were for Reid’s personal drug use. But, in a Daily News article today, Jason Nark cites a “law enforcement source familiar with drug investigations” (read: not connected to this one), whose guesswork opens up other possible conclusions: [Philly.com]

A law-enforcement source familiar with drug investigations said that the 19 vials of liquid could be an anabolic steroid, which would require multiple needles and syringes as well. Neither Morganelli or Lysek could be reached for further comment on the vials on Thursday afternoon, and no mention of steroids was made at the news conference.

In 2007, when Garrett Reid crashed his car in Plymouth Township, Montgomery County, police found heroin, steroids and more than 200 pills in his car. His brother, Britt, pointed a handgun at a driver during a road-rage incident the same day. Garrett was charged with 14 misdemeanor crimes, including assault and driving under the influence. He admitted at the time that he enjoyed being "a drug dealer."


Why could that be a problem? 

Reid was assisting the Eagles’ strength and conditioning coach.

Now, the mention of steroids could turn out to be a glaring example why interviewing a professional expert not connected to a case is a horrible idea. No indication was given at yesterday’s press conference that steroids were found in Reid’s room. However, the fact that officials continually referred to an unknown liquid was a bit odd. 

The shoe would fit, too. Not only had Reid been found with steroids before, but he had also taken an interest in physical fitness, something that was noted by his family in his obituary:

Garrett was working as a strength & conditioning coach. He found his passion in helping others develop their physique. To further his career, Garrett had planned to begin studies in sports management in the fall.


Of course, if those 19 vials turn out to be steroids – a big if at this point – the story will be written this way, whether fair or not: Eagles assistant strength coach had a gym bag full of steroids at training camp. 

That’s a bad headline.

I don’t need to explain the implication to you. And you shouldn’t infer anything at this point. But, if Nark’s law-enforcement source turns out to be right, then you can expect a few questions to pop up.


  1. Nice breakdown, Kyle.

  2. Well Fuck. At least that would guarantee a rebuild and the end of the Reid era.

  3. Sounds like the date rape drug GHB . Trent Cole prob gave it to him

  4. Amy Fadool's Nose

    October 19, 2012 at 11:04 am

    Kurt Coleman was having Garrett pump his ass full of steroids.

  5. WhamBamThankUMa'am

    October 19, 2012 at 11:11 am

    Well, as much as I want a new regime in here, THAT’S not the way I would want Fat Andy to go out. The death of his son, then the faults of his son. I want him to go because of what he lacks as a coach, not because of his son….

  6. You got that right!

    October 19, 2012 at 11:15 am

    Must be the same steroids Freddy Galvis was using.

  7. Damn! This story is starting to have more feet than a marching band because of all the shoes that keep dropping. The implication that Garrett MIGHT have had steroids in his possession, or worse, having AND dealing them rachets things up God only knows how many notches.

  8. Kevin Sullivan - The Task Master

    October 19, 2012 at 11:27 am

    I think we can all agree that Garett was a lowlife

  9. Hacksaw Jim Duggan HOOOOO

    October 19, 2012 at 11:37 am

    i know all about sticking needles in peoples butts.. back in the 8o’s me and the Hulkster used to party like that all the time while mean gene was always looking for nose candy… USA USA USA HOOOOOOO

  10. I mean what else could it be? Chances are if it were some sort of ‘drug’ i.e. heroin, ghb, acid, whatever..don’t you think a ‘drug enforcement agency’ would have been able to I.D. that rather quickly?
    I don’t know, I hate jumping to conclusions, but all signs seem to be pointing in that (steroids, hgh, etc.) direction. What a fucking mess.

  11. Fuck garret

  12. Junkies don’t carry around 100 needles

  13. Let it all go. Reid lost his son. It isn’t like the juice is working anyway, the team sucks.

  14. I have zero sympathy for this scumbag. He probably had everything handed to him on a silver platter his whole life, and turned out to be a wankster gangster my daddy is Andy Reid lil’ faggot. Love how all the players say he was the best, what are they supposed to say, he was a spoiled little shit who was stoned all the time? Fuck him burn in hell.

  15. Hi I’m Kyle and I don’t write my own shit…I copy and paste.

  16. Heard Garrett was a huge bully in HS

  17. well, they are not playing like they are on steriods, that’s for damn sure.

  18. Scarface: Andy, is it true that your son supplied the team with steroids?
    Fat Red: Wouldn’t we be better than 3-3 that should probably be 1-5 if my guys were using?
    Scarface: Touche Fat Red, Touche.
    Think the kid that gets garrets death room will get any goth/emo ass?

  19. Scarface: Andy, is it true that your son supplied the team with steroids?
    Fat Red: Wouldn’t we be better than 3-3 that should probably be 1-5 if my guys were using?
    Scarface: Touche Fat Red, Touche.
    Think the kid that gets garrets death room will get any goth/emo ass?

  20. Everyone knows Mormons must inject themselves with tears of unloved children from polygamous marriages each night before bed. Case closed.

  21. ^ that is funny.

  22. if these vials are found to be estrogen that would explain sooooo much.

  23. 1) he puts an O-line coach in charge of his defense
    2) made a convicted animal abuser his QB
    3) let a drug addict run the steroids program
    time to go AR…

  24. The girl with the annoying voice in the Deliah radio commercials

    October 19, 2012 at 1:13 pm

    @matt- comment of the week lol

  25. The girl with the annoying voice in the Deliah radio commercials

    October 19, 2012 at 1:15 pm

    @matt- comment of the week lol

  26. so now we know why Babin sucks this year? #nojuice

  27. Ironic that the guy who breaks the story is named NARK!

  28. Andy is looking at a Twinkies wrapper that blew onto the field in that picture.

  29. The designer belt buckles available in the markets also comes in gold and silver and other precious metals.

  30. Prescription drugs kill 110,000 people a year in the USA.
    Some of our troops are guarding the poppy fields in Afghanistan.
    In some countries the penalty for drugs is death.
    Nobody gives a shit until it shows up at YOUR front door.

  31. Do steroids cause stupidity, because this team has a lot of stupid players?

  32. Better call Saul!!!

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