UPDATE: Phillies “Could Be” Favorites to Land B.J. Upton, Josh Hamilton is Second or Third Option, Maybe

Not much here other than the Tweet. The Phillies could be favorites to land B.J. Upton, according to CBS Sports' Danny Knobler. Upton would be their best option, in my opinion. More on Upton from our post two weeks ago.

UPDATE: Following up on the B.J. Upton report, Jon Heyman, also of CBS Sports, confirms that the Phillies are indeed interested in B.J. (aren’t we all?), but also that Josh Hamilton is their third option: [CBS Sports]

The Phillies are believed to have superstar outfielder Josh Hamilton as a fallback option in case B.J. Upton and Michael Bourn can't be signed. So Hamilton is at least on their radar.

Beyond that, it is hard to tell exactly where the best and highest-profile position player on the free-agent market stands with anyone. (And that isn't especially helpful since he isn't the first or second option there, it appears.)

The Phillies are eyeing Upton and Bourn at the moment. That could be because both those players are center fielders in their 20s or because of the price or both.

But the Phillies are at least known to be looking at Hamilton. "I don't think there's a whole lot we're not considering," Phillies president and CEO Dave Montgomery said when asked specifically about Hamilton. 


That’s hardly concrete, but as Heyman notes, the Phillies are the only team to at least be somewhat, sort of, maybe just a little interested in Hamilton at the moment. I wonder if he’d sign a contract on a Sunday?


  1. Upton fuckin blows
    when will you people listen to me
    NO LOVE,
    Beez Nutz

  2. Phillies “could be” favorites to increase their strikeouts by a lot

  3. another player who strike out’s out 160+ and bats 250. Weak signing and they will overpay.

  4. Yessssssssssss

  5. Owen = NAILED IT.
    More easy outs, wahooo..
    …oh and this news comes a day or so after our best contact hitter last season signed for pocket change to play for the whole that is now the Miami Marlins…..
    C’MON MAN!

  6. Dude’s fucking name is D. Knobler? Classic.

  7. Steve Jeltz's Love Child

    November 19, 2012 at 1:39 pm

    His name is Knobler.

  8. Hamilton in depressing Seattle = relapse by June

  9. I’d rather have the drug & dip addict

  10. BJ Upton blows.
    He is an outfield verison of JRoll.
    Good at fielding (at times), mediocre at hitting, and oh so streaky.
    Dude will be a nightmare here.

  11. I’m all about the BJ.

  12. Kyle – check out Make a Philadelphia page ESPN! on Facebook. He pretty much jacks every single one of your posts and re-posts.

  13. Someone is stealing the stuff Kyle steals from other blogs? That’s just low.

  14. Did he create Facebook Pages and pose as Roy Halladay or Jayson Werth and spam his links? Is he commenting on his own posts with different names? That would be the ultimate Kyle rip off.

  15. BEEZ NUTS is right.
    Hamilton or Pagan or forget it. BJ upton is less of a power hitter, gets on base less, and strikes out way more than Hamilton.
    He’s Jimmy in center field, we’ll all hate him by June.

  16. Andy (San Diego)

    November 19, 2012 at 3:50 pm

    Sign Hamilton. That’s what Charlie would do.
    Don’t overpay for Upton or Bourn.

  17. Can’t we just trade for Justin Upton?

  18. I’d rather have Pagan thatn Hamilton or Upton.

  19. Sign the colored guy

  20. I rather the Phillies not sign either of these guys. Overpriced.

  21. at least upton isn’t cum.

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