Pictures: Rocky Musical Debut

Kyle Scott —  November 19, 2012 — 8 Comments

Screen Shot 2012-11-19 at 4.48.30 PMPhoto: AP

We told you about this last year. Now it’s, like, a thing.

Sports Illustrated posted pictures from the show’s premiere in Germany yesterday. You can view the whole gallery here.

When I first wrote about it, I wondered: It will be interesting to see which way they go with this: The Green Day American Idiot, "fuck you, conventional" wisdom route, with harsh lyricals and simulated on-stage sex (or whatever the Rocky equivalent is– Stallone acting, I suppose), or the Wicked route, with overly fluffed thespians singing gleefully about a rather dark social commentary. I'd vote for the first option, because surely we don't need a Glee'd up version of Gonna Fly Now being played at Flyers games.

Well, judging by the video after the jump, it looks like they went with the latter. Get ready for some falsetto to drum up some faux energy at a sporting event near you.

The musical will be coming to Broadway in 2013. Though Broad Street might be more fitting.

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8 responses to Pictures: Rocky Musical Debut

  1. I hate fucking musicals. except Rocky Horror.

  2. Stallone, Das Midget

  3. Stallone is 5’10

  4. Wrong. He is 5’6. I guess you also believed McNabb wasn’t 20lbs overweight his last few seasons because the stats had him listed otherwise?

  5. Sylvester Stallone height is a subject of discussion. Those who have seen him in person pegged him to be around 5 feet and 10 inches tall, not so impressive by the standards of Caucasian males. There have been conflicting stories about his height. In a New York Times interview in 1993, Stallone said he is “exactly 5 feet and 10.5 inches” tall.
    Sylvester Stallone Height
    The reason why people have always been curious about his height is because he has played masculine roles for most of his career and people have always equated masculinity with physical stature. Some people get somewhat disappointed upon learning that the actor they look up to so much does not really impress in terms of height. Nevertheless, this does not take away from the fact that Sylvester Stallone has had an impressive career during his prime.
    Sylvester Stallone Mother
    Nicknamed as Sly, Stallone has even been discredited by some media, some going as far as to say that he only measures 5 feet and 8 inches. A Chicago Times article pointed out that the only reason Sly has managed to make the 5-foot 10-inch mark is because of elevator shoes. They claimed that Rambo does not really measure up to average standards, and the image he has projected on screen was largely a result of camera tricks and make up.
    People who have met him in real life are often struck by how short he really was. Supermodel Janice Dickenson recalled an incident where Stallone made attempts to pick her up, and at first, she didn’t recognize him. She later exclaimed in disbelief upon learning that she really was talking to one of the biggest actors in Hollywood. This incident was noted on her autobiographical book

  6. Stallone has not aged well at all.

  7. how do you spell garbage November 20, 2012 at 9:17 pm

    Sly Stallone draws his eyebrows on like a chick.

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